TRONbet - The Ultimate TRON Gambling Dapp

TRONbet - The Ultimate TRON Gambling Dapp

By rex_regulus_rey | Cryptos 101 | 4 Apr 2019

Tron Trx Winning the Blockchain Race

     With the emergence of blockchain technology in recent years, everyone is jumping into the craze. And for the past months, TRON Blockchain is the hottest new kid on the block. Boasting of higher tps and more scalability than its nearest competitors, Ethereum and EOS to name a few, developers are flocking in to migrate or to create from scratch their own Dapps (decentralized applications) on TRON blockchain.


TRONbet on the Forefront of Dapps Mass Adoption


     One of the area that is highly contested is the casino gaming. Almost every week there is a new gambling Dapp that entices TRX holders to try its casino games with promises of big returns and dividends. A slew of new ways to persuade TRX holders to pour their precious TRX into games like dice, roulletes, blackjacks, bacarrats, slot machines among others.

     A stand out among these crowded Dapps universe is TRONbet. Although TRONbet is not pioneering in this casino gaming space, it is safe to say that it withstood the test of picky and meticulous game players. For the months it's been around, TRONbet has grown to be one of the most favored gambling Dapps on TRON blockchain. It always ranks high on review sites for blockchain decentralized applications whether it is in number of users, in number of blockchain transactions or in volume in USD currency.





What Sets TRONbet Apart from Others

     I could instantly give three primary reasons Tronbet is different from other gambling Dapps in any blockchain platforms.

  • The Power of ANTE token
    Although there are dividend tokens that exist before, ANTE is arguably the hottest and most priced dividend token these days and in the days to come. ANTE is the token earned while playing games in TRONbet. It is issued on the TRON blockchain and solely earned and/or mined through playing TRONbet games. But as of recently, it became one of the tokens that can be wagered on games apart from TRON Trx and Bittorent BTT. That's another use case that will surely add value to ANTE token. Almost all TRON exchanges have listed ANTE since trading volumes for this token is quite sizeable. A proof that ANTE is of high demand not only by game players but by crypto traders as well.
  • The Ever-Decreasing ANTE token Supply
    Scarcity creates demand. Demand drives price higher. With these two, scarcity and demand, ANTE could never go wrong. TRONbet has announced previously the ANTE coin burn. ANTE has a total of 100 million maximum supply which is fairly small compared to billions of supply for other crypto coins and tokens. There will be two sources for coin burn. First is all lost ANTE from players will be burned. Plus TRONbet will buy back ANTE from the market and will be burned also. This will surely push ANTE into new highs sooner.
  • TRONbet is Evolving to become a Dapps Platform
    In the near future, TRONbet will become a gaming platform that hosts other games created in TRON blockchain. All of these games under TRONbet platform will have to allocate a certain percentage of earnings to ANTE holders thus adding more value to it.

     It is a no-brainer that TRONbet with ANTE as its main cryptocurrency will stay at the top of the gambling Dapps across all blockchains.

     TRONbet Website Link:


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