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By ridertiger | CryptoRider | 11 Apr 2019

I consider myself a coffee lover and a coffee guru. I enjoy drinking good coffee, and in my house, we ground coffee beans and brew our own beverage. A lot of people drink dry frozen coffee. We can no longer consume that because once you get the taste of freshly brewed coffee, you can never go back to that old dry frozen coffee. You can also use powdered coffee, but coffee loses its aroma and smell if it waits around.

Roasting Coffe and Air Roasting Coffe by Love Air

The company already has the finished product packaged, and they have been selling their coffee for some time now, which gives me confidence that they will be able to succeed in the blockchain business. I have seen their video, and their product line has been producing a beautiful blue color packaging with fresh coffee beans.


The company has been using its own proprietary machine to roast the coffee, and they applied for a patent, so it is patent pending. The company can produce a better tasting coffee for a reduced cost with this innovative technology. The beverage tastes better because the beans are protected on air as opposed to usual roasting in a metal container. The beans are not injured to produce defects, producing a better aroma. The cost is minimized because the time for roasting is decreased, which means that the company can produce more coffee per day using less energy, equipment, and workers. Reduced production time translates into fewer repairs for the machines used in production. Because the air envelops the beans uniformly, the coffee is roasted evenly and produces constant wonderful aroma every time without the defects of metal roasters.

Here is the official video explaining what they do and how they do it:

Because this method removes the smoke that is produced during roasting, it tastes more smooth and soft and does not have the charcoal aftertaste that happens in some coffee beans.


Love Air Coffee on the Blockchain

I am hoping that the team will be able to attract enough people to run this blockchain. It should be easy because their technology uses POS, Proof of Stake system. This system has many advantages and being environmentally friendly is one of them. Unlike the usual Proof of Work (POW) systems, POS system does not require useless calculations that wastes heaps of energy. One thing I love about POS, which the Love Air Coffee will use, is that it encourages people to hold their tokens. In other words, people tend to stake and hold their tokens to earn more tokens, and this increases the token price. I am hoping that the LAC

The website says that This is the first Coffee Crypto Exchange on its own blockchain, and it will issue a coin on its own blockchain. Having its own blockchain means that the team is experienced in technical matters. They have the know-how of blockchain technology in a way that they can produce their own blockchain, and they do not have to rely on Ethereum, Stellar or EOS blockchain. Although this sounds confusing at first, looking at the white paper clears that all up. They have created the LAC token on the ETH blockchain, which will be used for discounts, and now they are building their own blockchain, which will interact with the ERC20 protocol. This new coin with its own blockchain will be called EVL.



I like this ICO and its platform not only because I love coffee, but also because they have a new innovative method, they are on the market for a while, and they proved themselves, and they have the technical know-how to produce their own blockchain.





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