Managed by your organization warning in Chrome
Managed by your organization warning in Chrome

By ridertiger | CryptoRider | 16 Apr 2019

With the April 2019 Chrome version 73,
My Chrome has started saying "Managed by your organization."
A “Chrome is Managed by Your Organization” message comes at me when I click on the three dots on the right side of Chrome right under where it says "Exit", as seen here:


I don't have an organization managing me and when I go to chrome://policy/
it shows that
is managed, as seen here:

There are solutions on the web, but they all point towards removing the warning, as opposed to dealing with the problem. Blocking the warning will not solve your problem.
It is clear that the system is suggesting
"a software program on my system has set enterprise policies", I think regarding installing extensions.

I was panicking the other day, but once I learned that a lot of people have the same problem, I cooled off.

Check out chrome://management/

and if it says:

Your device is not managed by an administrator. as in here:


Then you are probably fine.   This post is a trending issue and many posts like it suggest using a policy removal program. I tried the suggested program, it did Nothing. I uninstalled Chrome, removed everything, installed again, still nothing.   I think there is a clue as to what is happening and it is hidden in this sentence I found in Google help in the very same post I linked above: "For example, you may see an extension added to Chrome by your password-management application, or other software you trust."

I strongly suspect that LastPass is the reason because it installed itself without asking me when I reinstalled Chrome, while the other extensions did nothing of the sort. I love LastPass and I do not want to blame the extension with no proof, but it is up to you to try and work out any possibilities. Removing it did not solve my problem anyways.

I am hoping Google will soon find a solution to the problem that affects many many people.

Meanwhile, if you would like to get rid of that warning, here is how you do it:


  • Click on Default and make it Disabled. 

There you go, now you won't see the dreaded warning and once a real solution becomes available, you can use that.


Here is the best solution from another forum, I have tried it and it works perfectly:
Delete the registry keys at
and at




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