PayRue- Decentralized Trading Exchange, Decentralized Wallet/Payment

PayRue- Decentralized Trading Exchange, Decentralized Wallet/Payment

By EbriDan | CryptoRelated | 28 May 2020


🔸Introductions 🔸

One single platform for all secure financial services, PayRue is offering its users the opportunity to use its unique decentralized exchange for trading- PROPEL DEX, the platform also offers a cryptocurrency wallet, an ability to make and receive payments using its mobile applications (Android and IOS), web versions and a grand liquidity feature- Buying of cryptocurrency using debit cards. 

PayRue owns a native token called "Propel" which is on the Stellar Blockchain and has put in a proposal for listing on Binance Dex which will mitigate Propel Coin migration to Binance Chain.  PayRue is a working platform and has been able to achieve all these without an IEO, ICO or any form of fundraising. 


🔸  What is Payrue 🔸

PayRue, a fully functional, completely decentralised platform with focus on financial services through the operation of exchanges, financial wallets, payments and transfers of cryptocurrencies with the aim of creating a secure means for Cryptocurrency usage and adoption through simple and easy-to-use applications. 


🔸PayRue Features and services 🔸

PayRue platform offers; 

  ✔A decentralized exchange

  ✔Crypto and Fiat Wallet

  ✔CoinTransfer and Card Integration



Propel DEX is a live trading exchange on the Stellar Blockchain supporting assets available on Stellar Blockchain, Trading on Propel DEX is free apart from the Stellar network fees paid in XLM. 

Propel DEX is legal and registered with OU Estonia Virtual Exchange of digital and fiat currencies and wallets. Current supported exchange pairs include XML, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, Propel and USDC.



Propel  apps have been updated, simplified and made smoother with an easy to navigate interface for Buying, Transferring and Storing cryptocurrencies. 

Propel App has a service contact book for sroring names and wallet address of friends and clients for faster and organized transfers. For now, Propel App has a limited number of supported cryptocurrencies; BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, IXT, BZ, XLM, USDC, and Propel, more will be included in future. Users can create cryptocurrency wallets, scan Bar and similar codes for transfer of requested amount of cryptocurrency. 



Users can buy BTC and ETH on the mobile app and on the desktop/web version using Debit Cards, this has been made possible through PayRue's partnership with and Koinal. PayRue has also partnered with Bitrefill gift vouchers so app users can purchase more than 750 vouchers. 

Register and complete KYC on PayRue's website to receive a 5,000 Propel and 2 XML bonuses, you can also Join the 300,000 Propel and 30 Bnb giveaway on twitter and exchange it on CoinTransfer on PayRue app with a 100% commission for all transactions, can it possibly get better than that? Yes! And in time Propel would be used for all services and products on PayRue with high value for its users.


🔸PayRue Tokenomics🔸

With the aim of being a dual utility token to be used in the mobile app and on the PayRue platform for all services, payRue's Propel token has lots of potentials. 

  ✔Token Name and Symbol: Propel

  ✔Total supply : 10 billion

  ✔Stellar Blockchain Explorer Link:

  ✔Listed Exchanges: Stellar DEX.

Users can join pools and get quarterly commissions for their Propel holdings. 



🔹Team members 🔹

With a team consisting of 10 people;

•  Founder/CEO PayRue Ltd: Mikael Olofsson ( 

•  CTO (CTO FirstBlood Token) Mikko Ohtama Advising ( 

•  Head of Engineering: Alex Bubly ( 

•  Lead Engineer: Alexander Shutkov ( 



🔹Conclusion and final thoughts 🔹

PayRue has a mission to encourage cryptocurrency adoption and be a leading crypto payment gateway, what can be more noble than that? 

And with  its functional financial features; an operational wallet, decentralized exchange, payments, all these without external financial assistance and fundraising makes PayRue a great platform. 

It's support of binance wallet and integration to Binance Chain shows a clear vision for being successful, with an acceptance and migration to Binance dex, Propel with its use case and applications is halfway to achieveing its goals. 

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