Worldopo ar geo strategy game designed and developed by Qubit AG company

Worldopo ar geo strategy game designed and developed by Qubit AG company

By tokenization | Cryptopost | 14 Jun 2019


Worldopo is a strategy game based on enhanced reality technology and geo-positioning in addition to the blockchain technology.

This game provides players with the ability to build, own and trade real estate, all stored securely in blockchain.

351665157-ed8f67bb9d53e17daceae6e079d345116b5805c371d0edf2b66bb2c2885c5ea2.pngThe worldopo game contains its own currency, WPT-TOKEN, which will allow players to collect, store or mine them, in addition to making in-game and out-of-game exchanges. worldopo game also has an amazingly user-friendly interface that is rich in information.
 The game contains several buildings such as:
Mining farms such as Algonix-Alix-Tangle Farm -Holy Grail -Quantix
Power Plants - Nuclear Power Plant -Tesla-Energy Internet 3G.



buildings such as Bandito House - Bandito Castle -Bar - Bank -Strip Club & Casino.

The game provides players with virtual mining facilities
Hexogons are negotiable & tradable inside and outside the game
Rent buildings and trade all objects within the game
Monetize mini-games
Place ads on the building interface




Through the above, we see that the worldopo game is economical and excellent design, especially the upcoming version, which will allow players to experience the game differently than the first version.

The Mobile game is already available for download in both the Appstore and the Google Playstore, (Android and IOS devices).

The worldopo dapp game is listed on dapplistdappexploredappradar

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