📉 Get UFT tokens 50% cheaper! | PROBIT Exclusive Campaign 😎

📉 Get UFT tokens 50% cheaper! | PROBIT Exclusive Campaign 😎

By mabc95 | Cryptoplus | 8 Dec 2020

This is the first time I’m writing about this, but not the first time I take this kind of chance. I have participated in two previous ones: ENT and ADX, so let me give you some perspective.

Probit is a growing Korean exchange platform that likes to advertise and promote emerging IEOs and recently developed projects that are going on the good way. The first case could be discussed later, I’m here to talk about the second topic, which is part of their “Exclusives”.

To be able to participate on one of their Exclusives Campaign and get some halving value tokens you have to follow the next steps:


Register on Probit



Buy at least 500 PROB and stake them 


They are gonna be blocked for 180 days, time in which you are going to get interest earnings (4% yearly). There are two ways you can get those 500 PROB, either by trading on the platform (cheap but a little bit slow)...


… or buying them (a little bit more expensive but faster)


Once you have them, you stake them:


Go to their exclusive section



Allocate the amount they allow you according to your VIP ranking




Now... just wait


In the case of this Exclusive Campaign, you are gonna need around 250 dollars, 150 dollars are gonna be staked at APY 4% for 180 days and a top of 100 dollars exchanged to PROB to participate in the campaign.

It’s important to emphasize that you are not gonna get 200 dollars worth of UFT, you are gonna get according to your participation, sort of like a pool. So, for example, let’s say that 100 dollars represents 0.3% of the total pool, then you are gonna get 30 USDT worth of UFT in PROB tokens. Which means they are going to charge you te equivalent to 15 USDT in PROB tokens, so if you allocate (let’s round to 0.30 USDT per PROB) 333 PROB, they are going to charge you 50 PROB, leaving you with 283 PROB (~85 USDT) and 30 USDT worth of UFT, for a total of 115 USDT worth in just day and a half.


I used the 30 dollar example cause that’s approximate the amount that I have received with the conditions of VIP 1 and maximum subscription allowed.

After the campaign they are gonna allow you to exchange the token by its original value and you can get your benefits, even on USDT, BTC, ETH, or as you wish, or you can send it to another exchange that processes the trading faster if it has higher volumes.


...Or you can HODL the token 😎🚀🌑


Bachelor in Chemistry and a scientist since I was born in 1995. Education enthusiastic | Sports passionate | Music lover | Financial noobie. CH&MB. Venezuelan living in Colombia.


Basically talking about crypto and (maybe) combining it with (at least a little bit of) science, engineering, sports, comics, and almost anything I will come up with

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