Get Masternode rewards* without having a MN
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Get Masternode rewards* without having a MN

By beareader | cryptopinion | 5 Apr 2020

The asterisk

Yes i have inserted an asterisk in there and here is what it means *=the rewards are proportional, now let me explain, please.


I have bought at their ICO some WGR, the project went well and they were really thriving with a record smashed every week until the coronavirus or covid19 made the appearance of the century plaguing our lives hate you covid19 bleargh!!!

After the backstory

Anyway, I could have sold with some gain but like an idiot, I did not do it, so I tried to stake it on my computer but if you don't have a masternode you get like 1 WGR per month with my gear, so for months I had an itch to do something with those coins and instead of selling and lose a big part of investment value I waited for a better moment until one day, be it a good or a very bad one will let to the future to disclose it, I was reading some platform giving people the chance to earn a share of the rewards for Wagerr masternode without having to have the whole 25000 WGR to stake.

How it works?

Simply put is my ref link) is a platform that among other things, that hosts Masternodes for people and creates kinds of MN pools and how they do that? they created shares in the form of tokens that you can buy with WGR in their market in my case named WGRSX and holding them on Ionomy gives you the right to get daily a share of the rewards of the pooled masternode, as simple as that, I have proof of that in the pic beneath.

proof of payment wr shared node wgr and this is for one day ;)

they have shared nodes for DASH and ION and they host MN for ION, MNP, DASH, BYTZ and of course WGR.

Masternodes hosted

shared nodes

The Risk 

This is a custodial service so if they decide to disappear tomorrow I'd have lost all my WGR :( so I beg you to think about this before using this service, do your own investigation or whatever and if you find some flag-worth concerning data please communicate it to me.


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