Earn money doing nothing! BTC, ETH, and USDT will come to your balance every 24H
Earn dividends thanks to ViteX

Earn money doing nothing! BTC, ETH, and USDT will come to your balance every 24H

By beareader | cryptopinion | 7 Mar 2020


OK let's not lose time with preambles, so you want to earn BTC, ETH, and USDT (with a ROI of approx. yearly 110% i asked to better calculators and the 50% i wrote in the beginning was inaccurate sorry ;) without counting the value of the coins and tokens used to get it)  every day doing nothing?


There is a dev team called VITElabs that created a Decentralised Exchange based on smart contracts using a DAG, something that nobody did before, doing so they created a money-making machine and 100% of fees gained by it are for the users to take 1% per day of the dividends pool so even in case the exchange is in difficulties or nobody trades on it still from the day after the resting 99% continues to get shared with the token holders. 

There are several ways to earn money on ViteX

  • Delegation holding VITE => you get VITE
  • Staking VITE => you get VX 
  • Referring => you get VX
  • Market making => you get VX
  • Trading => you get VX
  • Listing tokens => you get VX
  • Staking VX => you get daily BTC, ETH, and USDT

As you can see they created a use-case for their coin and token and went full circle to help everybody to get money from it, and giving a wide range of choices so that you can have one slice or all of them for your investment, be it made of time or money.


The easiest is the vote delegation, just buy VITE on BINANCE, OKEX.COM, UPBIT, BITTREX (here you find the ERC20 version), or on ViteX and then transfer them in the VITElabs wallet/exchange, choose which SBP (for now these ones reward their delegators: V666, Japan_Node, Korea_node,  BayernM, XS_Fund, N4Q.org, SwissVite.org, and Elegance.Vite, ViteTI) to vote then every time you log in in the web version you will see the transactions fill the list for every day, one per day, this is not so fruitful like the other ones like for example, Japan_Node had a distribution ratio for every 100VITE =0.049735VITE just today March the 7TH 2020, so if you buy now 10000 VITE for 1,79 cents each for 179$ then you should get (at the moment of writing) daily

0,049735 VITE * 100(to get to 10000 value) * 0,0179 $ = 4,9735 VITE * 0,0179 $ = 0,08902565 $

daily, delegating rewards, just consider these are changing daily so you could get 0.03 or 0.07 x 100VITE and every SBP is giving out different rewards so good luck discovering the best one (pssst I use V666, it gives me 0,05% daily).

Delegating or voting is not as much rewarding as staking or trans-mining as detailed in this post but you have an advantage over the stakers, you can sell whenever you want because the VITE used to vote aren't locked by any means, so to take advantage of a market favorable moment you can transfer them in the exchange section, trade them for some time and then return them in the wallet asset section to continue voting with maybe more power.


This one needs one minute of concentration because you need to get in the exchange part of the wallet and then click on "mining" as in the pic

staking as mining

Once you get there just click on "Add" and choose an amount to stake, in case you want to retrieve that you need to wait 7 days, it's a good thing because we don't want people creating mess staking unstacking continuously every time the price goes up or down some fraction of a cent right?

As you can see in the pic every day you get VX as a result and up until march the 6th the quantity released is increased every day at a rate of 1.80435%, from that day on it will decrease slowly for 8 years, at the rate of 0.189724% daily.

If you stake 100000VITE you will get around 6 VX at $0.21 each daily, I bet you are thinking "wait you said BTC and others, are you kidding me?" don't worry these VX coins are in addition to the money you will earn by staking VX ;) now let's move on to the next

Referring as mining

Another way to stack those precious VX coins is referring ViteX to other people and get them and yourself some nice bonuses, this is the extract from the explanation found in ViteX wiki :

  • For invitees, they will:

    • Enjoy a 10% discount on trading fees on the ViteX platform
    • Get a "bonus" of 2.5% on the transaction fees generated
    • Get a "bonus" of 1.25% on the market-making points generated
  • The inviter will:

    • Receive a "commission" of 5% on all transaction fees generated by the invitees
    • Receive a "commission" of 2.5% on all market-making points generated by the invitees
  • How to participate:

    • Apply for a referral code at Vite Web Wallet
    • If you are approved, you will get a referral code that you can send to your friends
  • How to generate a referral code:

    • In order to obtain a referral code, the user will also need to pay 1,000 VITE, of which 100% will be burned.

To use a code to get the bonuses you have to click on the top middle to right button in the webapp "use referral code" and insert this 1801183244 or click here https://growth.vite.net/vitex-board?ldfjacia=1801183244.

Market-Making as Mining

Simply putting orders in the specified range you can see when you click in the amount field as in the picture below

buy vite price range fro mining as market-making

gives an expectation of mining readable in the "mining" section of the Dapp and then clicking on "Market-making as mining total income" like in this other nice picture

market-making mining

and when you place your order you can graphically see if your order is in the right range like in this picture below where you can flag your order immediately because of the only little blue icon here:

market-making price range table

Trading as Mining

Well, this is obvious: whatever pair allowed for mining as trading you trade, will give you some VX ;)

Listing as Mining

Whenever a trading pair is opened on ViteX, the issuer is required to pay 10,000 VITE. Of this 10,000 VITE, 5,000 VITE will be burned and the other 5,000 VITE will go into the shared dividend pool. The token issuer’s VX reward is then calculated as if he/she executed a trade involving a transaction fee of 1,000 VITE.

For example, if Alice listed a trading pair, her VX reward on the given day would be calculated as follows:

listing as mining formula

To list pairs for trading is not a simple operation, Vitelabs need to vet you first.


Now let's talk about the succulent, beautiful, greedy part: when finally after all your sweat rivers created by clicking and typing, you can see the earned dividends!!!

Every day at the same time, for me, is at 5 AM that I go in the app and check the dividends, it's a nice sensation every time, I assure you.

As you can see in the picture below, when you click on "dividends" you will get this page to be displayed where you find the total pool amount at that moment, your dividends total estimated amount, the VX amount staked and the buttons to retrieve those, and the detailed list of daily dividends where you see how many BTC, ETH, and USDT you earned that day, not bad huh? If you are convinced go here https://growth.vite.net/vitex-board?ldfjacia=1801183244 and start the adventure, remember the fee to get a referral code is 1000VITE and gets burned ;).

dividends pool

What to expect soon

My observation of the ViteX environment is that the price of VX gets constantly in a downward pressure because more and more big players are buying VITE, staking it and as result, they dump VX to get some fast return on their investment, the 6th of March 2020 was the beginning of the inverse period for the VX distribution, from that day on the rate of distribution will decrease of 0,18% daily (50k was the peak) for 8 years until all the 29,328,807.8 VX tokens will be given to the grateful hard workers out there ;)

VITE is appreciating upwards and the chart is showing a nice bullish pattern in general, so maybe this could be a good moment before it hits too high price to get in for many, about this the total supply of VITE is not set but there are mechanisms in play to keep it on track, daily burning as can be checked on here https://vitex.net/

Please take note that this is not financial advice, I am not a registered financial advisor.

Update: corona virus opened the sale season for everything crypto!!!


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