BestDapp to get dividends from trading - ViteX
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BestDapp to get dividends from trading - ViteX

By beareader | cryptopinion | 17 Dec 2019

Origin story

Some month go a friend on telegram referred me to this unknown project called Vite developed by Vitelabs, I was curious to know what it was and installed the Dapp and at the time was a little bit disappointed by it, it was for free and safe to use it so I continued to claim the rewards that were bigger for staking, twitter following and retweeting so after some time they developed what I think is very smart and revolutionary: a Dex based on DAG chain technology called ViteX. VITE was recently added to Binance by votes listing so it has a good community ;)


The quest

ViteX is an unusual name for an exchange but I can assure you it is a great deal with a lot of thought behind it, Vitelabs created a decentralized exchange that shares its dividends with every person that has their VX token staked from a minimum amount of 10 and the best part is that VX is mined staking VITEs on the very same platform's wallet, and you can mine VX in 4 different ways on ViteX:


4 ways of mining on vitex

  1. Trading - self-explanatory, you trade normally and you earn.

  2. Staking - you lock VX from 10 up to how much you want.

  3. Referring - you buy a referral link for 1000 VITEs (they get burned as part of the deflationary system) and get VX for each referee.

  4. Market-Making - like the trading one if you are making, and not taking the market you earn some more!


The dividends

half day of dividends

I got these dividends the day after I staked VX about 28 of them, it's not bad at all and form a witness in telegram it should be possible to earn 1$ per day with 500 VX (less than 200$ at the moment 17th of December 2019) and they do not have so many pairs at the moment so if they can appeal to more people and get more pairs in there it could be a good investment. 

On their discord channel when I asked about something I got an answer, not immediately but it is an indication that it's alive


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