CryptoPick News: The NFT Shop release, 16k+ players, and more
CP NEWS 2021

CryptoPick News: The NFT Shop release, 16k+ players, and more

News 01 2021

Hi Pickers,

First and foremost, we would like to wish you a happy new year! 🎉
2020 was a fantastic year for CryptoPick, we grew from 500 to over 16 500 Pickers, released the NFT Shop, added many requested features, and much more.
We can't wait to release the new stuff we are working on. Let's make 2021 an even more epic year!

Below you will find a summary of our latest achievements and the sexy stuff that is coming your way.


🛒 NFT Shop
The wait is over! You can now buy skins in the NFT Shop, this is the second step of the NFT Shop update. The Genesis drop (our first NFT sale) has been an enormous success so far:

  • Over 65% of the skins are sold
  • 11 skins are completely sold out
  • 4M+ Pickies spent (worth over 40 000 $)

👊 Joined the BGA
One of our goals for 2021 is to become a major actor in the NFT gaming space. What better way than to start by joining the Blockchain Game Alliance.
All the biggest and most innovative actors are part of this alliance. We are looking forward to everything we can learn from them and the future partnerships this will bring.

💬 Chat Moderator role
A Moderator role has been created in our in-game chat to help out new players, protect the chat from harmful links, and make sure the chat rules are respected, resulting in a better experience for everyone. We want to thank our first moderator Muruganjack  for the fantastic job he has done so far! If you feel like helping us moderate the chat is something you would like to do, please contact us.

🎄 The NFT Xmas Hunt
To celebrate Christmas we organized our first NFT hunt, an event where players could earn exclusive NFT skins, more than 500 skins were claimed!

What is to come:

🛒 NFT Shop
The NFT Shop isn't a small update. To ensure this implementation goes smoothly, we are releasing this in 4 steps: 


  1. Picky Shop: the possibility to buy Pickies. (LIVE)
  2. The Shop: the shop's grand opening, which unlocks the purchasing of skins and the inventory to manage them. (LIVE)
  3. NFT: tokenize the skins. All players who own skins will receive an NFT representing each skin, and future purchases will be NFT's from then on. (COMING SOON)
  4. Utility: unlocks the first utility of the NFT's, PoP boosts, meaning you receive extra Pickies when playing games.

Discover the latest updates around the NFT Shop during our latest AMA Monday session!

🛍️ NFT marketplaces integration + Exclusive sales
We are preparing the integration of the CryptoPick skins on NFT marketplaces so that you will be able to exchange our NFTs with each other. We will also be organizing special drops of exclusive skins on these marketplaces.

⛏️ PoP (Proof Of Prediction)
Today, you can earn Pickies by making correct predictions, inviting friends, or unlocking achievements. In the future, making predictions (whether right or wrong) will earn you Pickies.

🙊 New game
We are working on a new game based on your suggestions and feedback.

❓ AMA Monday

Every first Monday of the month, we organize a Ask Me Anything session. Watch our latest AMA session.

In these AMA sessions, we talk about what was achieved last month, what we are working on, and most importantly, answer your questions!

The next AMA Monday is scheduled for the 1st of February 2021Submit all your questions. The AMA sessions are live-streamed on our Discord.

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Happy picking and we are looking forward to your feedback!

Predict, Discover & Earn,
The CryptoPick team

For more information about CryptoPick and The Shop, you can read our articles "CryptoPick - Official guide" and "CryptoPick guide: The Shop"

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