CryptoPick Game update: new leaderboard system and Ping!

1*w4FL30VJrN12fXFBiPGuMA.png Game update: New leaderboards — daily High Scores!

After many suggestions from the Pickers community on how to improve the leaderboard system… the daily High Score is finally here! The previous system, known as the Daily Total(Trading) Score, is an excellent leaderboard system. Therefore, we also decided to keep it; however, it primarily rewards players who can play many games in a day. Unfortunately, playing many games in a day is not always an option for everyone. This is why we are excited to introduce this new system that rewards players who manage to get a daily High Score.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. You now have a personal High Score representing the best score you got by playing duels daily. This High Score gets reset at the end of each day. Players who got the highest High Scores at the end of the day will be rewarded with ETH prizes.

This means that even if you can only play a couple of games in a day, playing at the right time and focusing on getting the highest score possible could allow you to win the daily High Score leaderboards.

You can find the new leaderboards right here.

The new game results What happens with the Daily

Total(Trading) Score?

Why remove it if we can have both, right? Many players enjoyed this system, so we decided to keep it in order to reward players who can play many games and because we feel like it is a tremendous competitive metric.

What about the leaderboard prize pools?

Right now, it works like this:

  • Total Score prize pool = Pickies (this used to be ETH)
  • High Score prize pool = ETH

Please note: This is the first version and these rewards might change soon to both give ETH rewards or a mixture of both ETH and Pickies. We are still looking into this.

The High Score prize pool The Total Score prize pool   Extra feature: Ping added!

You asked for it, so here it is! Based on the request of many Pickers, we have now added a way to find your ping easily. Simply scroll down and discover your ping in the footer. Then, you can click on it to refresh it!


We hope you enjoy this update and can not wait to hear your feedback!
As we speak, we are working on introducing the spells, transforming CryptoPick into an even more epic battle-trading game where skill and strategy will play a huge role. If you have any questions, you can submit them on our discord channel. Join our discord.

See you on the trading battleground Pickers ⚔️

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