Bitrue Exchange: Power Piggy, Crypto Loans, XRP Pairs

By Cryptoonestop | CryptoOneStop | 12 Oct 2019

Bitrue is an exchange based in Singapore, consisting of team members with a diverse background. To bring their exchange to the masses they have recruited people with mobile app, AI , and finance experience. You can access the exchange vis iOS, android, or the web. At the time of writing Bitrue is ranked 57th in volume on coinmarketcap.


Relative to other exchanges, Bitrue charges low fees and charge zero fees for withdrawing XRP. Currently there is no bank based fiat on ramp, but they compensate by providing rebates for credit card purchases. To my knowledge, Bitrue is the only exchange to provide this incentive. 



Power Piggy

Aside from buying, selling, and storing your cryptos, you can earn passive income on your idle assets. By using the power piggy, users can now earn up to 15% interest on their digital assets. For those who are crypto skeptics you can earn 10.3% on your USD by lending it on Bitrue. This is great way for skeptics and agnostics to experiment with non legacy financial platforms. No exposure to volatility and you get a solid return.


Promotional rate until the end of December

To get started simply lock in you funds during the open period which occurs twice a day, 10:00 (UTC+8) and 22:00 (UTC+8). There’s a daily cap and participation is done a first-come-first-serve basis. Once your funds are locked in, you will earn interest until you decide to opt out. The dashboard gives a full overview of your power piggy’s total net worth and the interest you’ve received to date. 


This is my account. If you want to see the total value, make sure to watch the full review video.

Bitrue Loans

On September 30th, Bitrue launched Bitrue Loans enabling users to take out loans using their digital assets as collateral. This tactic has been used by the wealthy in the legacy finance world to circumvent taxes and generate liquidity. They often used the liquidity to make more investments to optimize their returns. For example, by using their stocks as collateral they could get a loan to purchase a real estate investment. In the process they keep their stocks, avoid taxes, and get exposure to real estate. For the 1st time this service is now becoming available to the average retail investor. 


I’m currently experiment with this feature. I will upload a tutorial on my youtube channel in the near future.

48 XRP Pairs

This exchange committed to adding numerous XRP pair. It was a good means to market their exchange and quickly build liquidity. It turned out to be a brilliant move with Bitrue now accounting for over 5% of the total XRP trading volume. Moreover, XRP allows people to make fast inter exchange transaction at a low cost. To date they have the highest number of XRP pairs in the industry For those interested in learning more, watch my comprehensive review video below. In this video I’ll show you guys how I leverage the benefits of the Power Piggy with my actual account. 



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