Cerberus Consensus Algorithm

Cerberus Consensus Algorithm

By uygarpelin | CryptoNygma | 18 Oct 2020


The Radix Network relies on two key technological features, specifically the Cerberus consensus algorithm and the Radix Engine, that help it validate transactions and power decentralized applications.

Today we will talk about Cerberus.
But first let me remind you for those who don’t know. This Algorithm is known as Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT). And don’t say ‘’Oh BFT, like Bitcoin, you didn’t innovate, you used the system we already know.’’

If we explain Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT):
As with most distributed computing systems, participants of the cryptocurrency network must regularly reach consensus about the current state of the blockchain, which is called consensus achievement. However, it is not easy to reach agreement securely and reliably in distributed networks.

So how can a distributed network of computer nodes agree on a decision, when some nodes are likely to fail or be dishonest? This is the most fundamental question of the Byzantine Generals problem and gave rise to the concept of Byzantine fault tolerance. To put it briefly, the Byzantine Generals Problem was conceived in 1982 as a logical dilemma that illustrates how a group of Byzantine generals had communication problems trying to reach consensus on their next move.

The dilemma assumes that each general has its own army and each group is stationed in different parts of the city where they plan to attack. Generals must agree to either attack or retreat. As long as it is agreed, their attack or retreat is insignificant, the important thing is to implement the joint decision in a coordinated manner.

Therefore, the following objectives should be considered.

Each general must decide: attack or retreat (yes or no)

Cannot be changed after the decision has been made

All generals must agree on the same decision and implement it simultaneously. Let’s adapt this explanation to the nodes in the Blockchain. Nodes must reach consensus, operate with confidence, make correct decisions against deception.

Radix developed Cerberus for this situation.Cerberus is Radix’s consensus algorithm that takes a different approach to sharding (a scaling solution for blockchains based on parallel computation). Cerberus combines three core insights:

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With this algorithm, we will see the effect of Cerberus.

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