Getting Started on Splinterlands: A 7-Day Report

By kukukecu | CryptoNooz | 16 Aug 2021

Axie Infinity is a dream project. If you fork out the $1,000+ capital to get started on the game, you can expect to recover your funds in a month or two. You then begin to earn profits on month three, a respectable amount of money, more than the minimum wage of Philippines. Not only are you earning money as you play, you can also buy up more assets and rent them out. It seems like a project that just keeps on giving. And with many users earning their living from Axie Infinity, it's hard to see it failing (I assume; I haven't done my research).

I imagine Axie's early investors must be in total bliss for sticking with the game. They would be rich in Axie assets and be making a lot of SLPs each month. I think new investors are pretty happy with their investments too. The Axie train is chugging forward with increasing speed, and with the strength of 300,000 players. 

I would jump on the Axie Infinity bandwagon if I could. But finance is a bit tight these days. So I chalked it up as a future investment and looked at the play-as-you-earn space for a cheaper alternative.

I tried Gods Unchained. It was a good game but the only valuable item in the game is the cards. No in-game currency token, and the cards couldn't even be traded. You have to wait for the game to be on Immutable X. I looked into CryptoBlades. Seemed promising until a recent update caused me to back away. I see a few promising projects on the horizon but they're not available to play just yet.

I want to play to earn. So I settled on Splinterlands. Short review of it is that it's quite fun to play, the starting capital is small, and I think the game will grow in the coming years. In conclusion, I'm early and I will be investing time and a little bit of money into the project.

This is an article of the numbers that led me to this conclusion. It might be too early to make this conclusion but I'm amped up on hopium and the game is addictive.

So, to get started on Splinterlands, you'll want the Spellbook. This is how you own your cards and start earning Dark Energy Crystals, the in-game currency. I also recommend you get the Quest Potions. You are given one Daily Quest a day. Win 5 games to complete the quest and get a prize. The quest potions give you 5 extra prizes for your victory. 

My Initial Investment : $10 Spellbook, $4 on Quest Potions( I think I got 4 or 5 of them)

I would recommend you buy the 10 or 100 pack, depending on how much you want to invest into the project. It's definitely worth it.

I've won a few cards from these Daily Quest prizes. Here's what they're worth on the market today:


$5.61 in assets. That's already one third of my capital in 7 days. I also have prizes waiting for me in 2 hours, that are rewarded to everyone at the end of every season. A season is 15 days and you get X amount of prizes according to your ranking. I am Bronze III and I deserve 5 loot chests. 

Funny thing about this Season... there were a few performance issues happening in the background these past few days. The game was in maintenance for a while. The way the DEC prize pool works, every 24 hours a certain number of DEC is added into the pool. When you win a game, you get your rewards from this prize pool. If there are fewer players, you would be earning more. And if there are a lot of players, you will be earning less. So, the game has been in maintenance for a long time, and just now, it was open again. Because there were only a few players online, I earned a LOT of DEC:


I must have Lady Fortune on my side because it was only for a short time. It went back into Maintenance Mode at 1030pm. A few players on the Discord server reported tens of thousands from just one game. I'm not sure if this'll happen ever again, or if it's good for the game. I'm just reporting what happened, and what happened was I won $5 worth of DEC in a very rare happenstance.

That's not all, folks. Splinterlands is also airdropping their governance token, SPS. It was recently introduced and will continue for a year.


 In other words, I'm still early! I'm early enough to be earning free governance tokens of Splinterlands, a project growing in size. SPS is currently priced at $0.436. They have 300,000 user accounts and have sold 60,000 Spellbooks. Who knows what the price will be when they reach Axie Infinity numbers? 

I've earned 0.401 SPS/ $0.17 so far. You can stake your SPS at 253.20% APR. The more items you own in-game, the more SPS you'll earn. I'm certain I will be earning more SPS tomorrow after my lucky DEC wins in ranked battle today.



My total value, so far is...

  • Cards: $5.61
  • DEC: 974 @ $0.007981 = $7.79
  • SPS: $0.17


I've almost recovered my capital! What that means is, if I theoretically were to sell of all my cards on the market, sell off DEC and SPS on Cub Finance and PancakeSwap, I would have the money I invested into Splinterlands back. But I don't see the point in doing that when I'm expecting the project to grow, resulting in my items appreciating in value. 

The social signals seem to be pointing at more adoption. In the future, I will be looking to improve my growth rate by buying more Quest Potions, and renting cards. The consensus on social media seems to be to rent cards and increase my rankings to Gold as fast as possible. They seem to say $20-30 would be enough to reach Gold. Quest Potions, on the other hand, cost $7.50 for 11 of them. Which one will be worth more bang-for-my-buck? I'll figure it out and share that information with you when the time comes...

I am also forming an opinion on play-to-earn games. It might be a smarter option to jump into projects that are already up and running, instead of still-in-development games. There's a dozen of them popping up and they still have yet to prove their worth. Of course, I could be wrong... I am still unfamiliar with what crypto gaming has to offer.

To conclude, Splinterlands has been a profitable investment. I will continue to learn and invest small amounts of money into the game simply because it is fun. If you want to start playing the game, the best way to start is to get a Spellbook, buy 11($7.50) or 115($75) Quest Potions, and use a referral to sign-up.

Here's my referral link:

These 3 things will give you a good head start. You may earn back your money in as little as 7 days. Maybe earlier. I'll be sharing more of my progress on Splinterlands every week so give me a follow(if you feel like it).

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