Player or Investor , It's Never too Late to get Involved in Splinterlands and start making some Crypto

By funnel | CryptoNomia | 1 May 2021


the most powerful game in HIVE-Blockchain at the moment and the most famous probably ever to exist in this blockchain
i hear many times lots of HIVE users saying
'we lost the chance to be part of Splinterlands when the game begun ,so now its too late to start the game'
my opinion about this is that they make a MAJOR mistake

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ok lets face it Splinterlands has been online for some years now (i think 3 years) and definitely the community has grown significantly since day 1

the game itself evolved to a giant, and it continues to generate new things every day!
it made alliances through crypto-world, you can now link multiple wallets to your Splinterlands account and many more other features
it offers you so many ways to make money and have fun at the same time
( well you can reconsider my words 'have fun' cause it drives me crazy when i'm losing because of the 'luck' factor but anyway)

this post is not about the game mechanics though
i'll try to explain why i completely disagree with those saying 'we 're too late to get on board' and why i consider Splinterlands an INVESTMENT
yes a financial Investment


first of all guys you have to separate the game into 2 major categories
the game itslef and the market place

if you consider yourself a gamer and you like card-games there is no way you can dislike Splinderlands
you get your first packs and you throw yourself into the vast Splinter-world to fight with so many rival-players out there!
the more you fight , the more you gain profits paid in DEC which you can later exchange it to HIVE or do whatever you like with it (for example you can buy more cards or card-packs to grow your account)
it has nothing to do with EARLY or LATE access to the game
the thing is that the founders @aggroed and @yabapmatt most probably thought about it when they created the game
so there are different leagues for any portfolio
there is NOVICE, BRONZE, SILVER etc etc etc
you dont have the money to get on DIAMOND league, its ok you can still play in NOVICE league
yes of course the money you can get in DIAMOND league have nothing to do with the money you make in NOVICE but what did you expect
if you are willing to invest 50$ you cannot expect to make the same amount of money with the one who invested 2000$
i think it make sense

the most important thing is that according to the capital you want to invest you will definitely get something in return
and don't worry the sharks out there won't eat you
the sharks are fighting sharks, if you are a small tiny fish you will fight with small tiny fish as well


so number one! it is not too late to start playing if you consider yourself a gamer!

you start small and if you like you grow big
listen to me...after 3 years and i still play in NOVICE league
because i don't want to upgrade to the higher leagues cause my time is very restricted
i know the game, i'm sure that i don't have that time to spend in order for me to be in an upgraded league so i'm playing NOVICE and i'm having fun by making some crypto at the same time
to tell you the truth i'm thinking of upgrading my deck to get on BRONZE league lately but i need to work on it a bit more and make up my mind


now lets say you hate playing card-games
ok i even now agree with you
don't play
don't play the game doesn't mean you cannot be INVOLVED in Splinterlands

remember what i told above? we have 2 major categories
being a Gamer is category One
being a pure investor is category Two

there is the market place, and there are plenty of sites out there offering you a market-place for Slinterlands where you can buy and sell cards, packs, land etc
are you a trader?
perfect don't be around the game
go to the market search for good prices, make your purchases and then sell for higher prices
there is always some bargain in the market believe me
you don't wanna trade daily?'s ok again
get the cards at the right price and HODL them
you most probably be able to sell them for a higher price to some player or collector in the following months
you can even delegate the cards for some profit if you come to such an agreement with a player
there are so many ways to make some crypto as an investor


so number two! it's never too late to be involved in Splinterlands if you consider yourself an investor


i don't know if i have convinced you but Splinterlands is more than a blockchain card-game
Splinterlands is a live and expanding community and it will never be too late to get yourself in
i consider myself more an investor than a gamer
so what are you waiting for?

Get on board by clicking this link


P.S. For me Splinterlands is a financial investment but this doesn't mean that this post is a Financial advice to anyone
do your own research and decide what is best for you

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