Why you should start using Brave and earn BAT/ETH

Why you should start using Brave and earn BAT/ETH

By Argentum | CryptoNewsWallets | 1 Jun 2020

Fortunately for those who want to find a new alternative to the Google browser, Brave has some peculiarities that make it very interesting and competitive. One of the main reasons is that Brave is built on the Chromium platform, an open source project maintained by Google on which the Chrome browser was developed. Therefore, it supports almost all extensions of Mountain View.

Brave is free to use. The company earns its revenue thanks to an innovative model where users can enable ads on certain sites and earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) to view paid content. They can then spend these 'tokens' to "tip" creators, such as Wikipedia, which has just become a verified browser editor. This represents a reinvention of the online advertising market and is an ambitious attempt to return power over advertising content to users.

But in addition, there are four more aspects in which Brave Browser excels: security, speed, rewards and privacy. It is an agile tool designed to intelligently protect against tracking. It also comes with built-in ad blockers, HTTPS redirect and other privacy 'tips'. Because it removes many of the scripts and images associated with ads on the web, sites that run on Brave load much faster: up to twice as fast on the desktop and eight times on the mobile. But let's look at each of these features in more detail.


Chrome is a product of Google, therefore, it is always connected to the Google ecosystem. This means that it stores user data such as location, logins, etc. This supposes a constant invasion of our privacy. Something that, however, does not happen with Brave.

This browser has a wide range of security functions. The security menu, located to the right of the address bar, offers an excellent summary of everything that is blocked or allowed on the open page and also allows you to control its configuration, being able to manage points such as tracking protection, force HTTPS connections and block scripts, cookies and device recognition.

By default, the browser uses HTTPS Everywhere to force websites to use secure connections. If you disable it or enter a website that does not offer the protocol, you are presented with a clear warning that includes a symbol and text that says "not safe." The built-in ad blocker is also great for security because the ads can be 'malware' vehicles or trackers. In addition, you can set a password to protect your logins saved on the mobile, which keeps your data safe in case of loss or theft of the phone.


Another aspect where Brave attacks Chrome is speed. While the Google program weighs 1.8Mb, Brave remains at 1.24Mb. Consequently the lion's browser has a better loading speed.

Plus, it doesn't support banner ads and ad trackers, allowing a website to load, it claims on its website, up to 8x faster. But, despite these advertising restrictions, the ‘brave’ browser allows the display of textual advertisements in the Google search result and other types of less weighty and intrusive content.

Aesthetics and customization 

Aesthetics is another of the strengths of this program that wants to rob Google of its hegemony. Although, without a doubt, that of Google offers a very attractive aesthetic for any user, that of Brave is not far behind. In addition, the latter offers an interesting dark mode on all the platforms on which it is available.

In addition, it is also a very versatile tool in terms of customization options. Among others, you can choose the search engine, although DuckDuckGo is the default because it is the safest. You can also choose a wallpaper in the Brave Web Store, with many alternatives: from abstract art to wonderful landscapes.


As for functionality, it does not have many differences with Chrome. Although it is true that you cannot log in to your Google account, all the extensions that the version of the colorines has are also available in this other program. In fact, it is possible to install any Google Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Intimacy and privacy

This is Brave's strongest point compared to any other browser available. With it, you can use two different types of 'private' tabs. The first one accessed by clicking on ‘New Private Tab Window’ uses an untracked technology similar to the incognito window in Chrome.

The second option, the ‘New private window with Tor’, what it does is that the user becomes someone completely anonymous or invisible to the service provider, employer or website you are visiting. For this, it takes advantage of the technology of the well-known onion program, a classic among those who try to hide all their steps on the net.

User rewards

Finally, we do not want to stop referring to another element that makes it very different from the rest of the market. Brave rewards its users through its Blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Both content creators and their users are rewarded through their native cryptocurrency known as BAT. Users also receive free 'tokens' every month.

Currently, the value of BAT is around $ 0.2103 and any user can trade their currencies. Furthermore, BAT is listed on more than 10 exchanges and BAT ROI is 12.67%. Anything can be done with some of them on the Binance platform.

Brave download: https://brave.com/mel400


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