Top 5 cryptocurrencies that rose the most last week ... Curious ...

Top 5 cryptocurrencies that rose the most last week ... Curious ...

By Argentum | CryptoNewsWallets | 6 Jun 2020


# 1

Xensor (XSR): earning more than 500% on the week, after its price rose from $ 0.003413 to $ 0.022121. Not only is its more than 6x increase in value striking, but also its daily trade volume, which exceeds $ 6.9 million.

This small but interesting cryptocurrency aims to provide a cheap and efficient Internet of Things (IoT) network for the automation of machinery and the management of investment assets on the world's major stock exchanges.

# 2

KickToken (KICK): with an increase of more than 279%. In addition, it has a daily trading volume of $ s955,000.

The KICK team wants to create an ecosystem in which e-commerce users use cryptocurrencies to acquire their goods and services with a single click.

# 3

Sharder (SR): This little cryptocurrency with an increase of more than 275% in 7 days. While, on the other hand, its daily trade volume is only $ 95,500.

SR is a crypto used to pay programmers to keep Sharder cloud storage safe from attacks. Sharder wants to use Blockchain technology to create a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Amazon Web Service, but implementing cryptocurrency encryption and decentralization of Blockchain technology.

# 4

Fox Trading (FOXT): the alternative cryptocurrency FOXT experienced a 263% increase and its daily trading volume was $ 64,000.

The FOXT platform tries to provide a trading service for Forex (currency market) and Cryptocurrencies. In addition, the cryptocurrency team tries to apply the option of auto-trading (auto trade), through technology.

# 5 Interesting name ...

Unknown Fair Object (UFO): In the last position of the Top 5 Ranking that rose the most this week we have UFO, with an increase in the price of its cryptocurrency of 214%. But, even if it is in the last position, what is interesting is the total trading volume that exceeds $ 7,000,000.

A peculiar feature

It is worth noting that many of these cryptocurrencies are very small compared to Bitcoin, and the heavyweights of the cryptocurrency universe.

That is why we may see such significant gains in many of them. Well, they are projects at birth, which a few thousand dollars can make it behave like the fourth place on our Fox Trading (FOXT) list with more than just $ 64,000 in daily transactions.

But, what is not so common in this type of cryptocurrency, is to have a volume of operations as high as that of Xensor with more than $ 6.9 million in a day and UFO with $ 7,000,000. And although they occupy the second and fifth place respectively, they are the ones that most attract the attention of the 5.

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