Are Faucets worth?

By Eli28 | Crypto News and More | 5 Jan 2021

The other day I was blogging through Publish0x when I came across with @Khazrakh's article about the faucet I founded quite interesting because, I've never been a person interested in faucets (In my opinion most of them are a waste of time). But I wanted to make an experiment during this Christmas Holidays: search some faucets, make an account and see how many satoshis I can get (and If I can withdraw them too).

I made a basic search in Google like "Best Crypto Faucets" and read some of the results. For surprise of no one most of the websites that wrote about faucets mentioned Freebitcoin, but also Cointiply or the group of "Moon" (Moon BTC, Moon DOGE...). In addition Dogecoin is a well-know crypto and has lots of faucets too. So the next step was making an account and try to use every faucet.

I started with this experiment the 22/12 but by the end of the year I already deleted most of the faucet accounts. Why? Well for me, as we can read in the article and as I said before, is not worth the amount of satoshis you can win with the time you spent on it, plus you need to have a big amount of satoshis to withdraw, but not to your wallet, no, to withdraw a Faucet wallet like the FaucetPay. If you're a lucky person and can withdraw some btc or any other cryptocurrency to this site you should be aware that they charge high fees.

However I didn't give up. A friend of mine, also interested in crypto send me a faucet that I saw but I didnt check it, At beggining I was reluctant to use a faucet again but I gave it a try. The reality it was a like other faucets: minimun amount to withdraw, PTC Ads, Shortlinks, Captchas... But surprisingly worth.

Earn methods

This faucet works with "coins" and you need "X" coins to withdraw. In one week, without referral links and that type of stuff I reached my goal. Of course I didnt get much money but I was surprised that i gain 30 cents in little time. They key is using this faucet to get one crypto but you have to forgot that BTC exists and focus on one that you think is worth, in my case I focused on Tron (TRX) because you can directly withdraw to my wallet (Atomic Wallet) and in this case stake it.

TRX withdrawls

TRX staked in Atomic Wallet

Of course If you don't like faucets this website is one more of those that exist, but you are interested in crypto world and you want to earn little money, start getting in touch with this world or maybe you truly like faucets this is a good option.

So you use faucets? Are worth to you or do you prefer other ways to earn cryptos?


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