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By Mr. Sloth | CryptoNews2019 | 26 Jan 2021

Maybe you heard about the relai app, its a pretty convenient way to buy bitcoin without doing a full kyc. I´ve introduced the service in this article. Recently published the road-map of relai for this year and I want to give you a brief overlook.


Relai has partnered up with BitBox, which is a swiss made hardware wallet. You´ll be get notified if its time to send your bitcoin to your hardware wallet and will be able to buy a BitBox hardwarewallet within the relai app.


They also teamed up with accointing, which is a service for filing your taxes, you will be able to export your orders from the relai app and import it to accounting. Right now, it´s not clear if you can connect the relai app directly to your accointing account.

In late April relai will be supporting more payment options, right now you can only buy btc via bankwire (SEPA). With integrating Payrexx, you will be able to buy btc instantly. Creditcards as well as PayPal and GooglePlay are also in planning but there is no confirmation yet.


A huge step is the integration of open banking, which is standard for onlinebanking.  Your bank offers an API which is open to 3rd parties like relai. Relai is working with TrueLayer to integrate your bank within the relai app using the open banking standard.

Walletwise a SegWit integration is planned and will be accomplished by the mid of this year, as well es an lightning integration, which will lower your transactions fees.

Bottom line is, relai is constantly improving and has already delivered a great service to the bitcoin community, especially for onboarding new users.

If you want to give it a try, you can find android and iOS apps on their website. Use ref REL1201 to reduce the fee to 2,5%


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