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In this article I would like to talk about decentralized token sales and discuss which platforms are the most relevant now. Today, such a format of token sales as IDO is starting to gain momentum again - the situation at the moment is much better than 1.5 years ago, when this direction almost completely lost its popularity. However, in case you missed those times and do not quite understand what IDO is, I will briefly explain this format to you.

So, IDO (Initial DEX Offering) or Initial Decentralized Offering is a format of token sale where a user receives a token of a new project before its official launch and listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges. IDOs are usually held on decentralized platforms called launchpads, so it's a decentralized offering. 

One project that has definitely contributed to the resurgence of interest in IDOs is XpadPro, a promising new launchpad that retains the familiar and popular mechanics, but doesn't put a stick in the wheels of investors. This project has been in development for more than a year and a half, and is just finalizing its preparations during the bull market. By the way, the team has attracted $1.2 million in investment for development.

One of the main advantages of this platform is that it has a number of additional products that make life easier for investors. For example, XPAD Protocol provides investment protection using its own developments and technologies in the field of security. Speaking of security, the project was successfully audited by TechRate, a company that specializes in analyzing smart contracts and identifying critical vulnerabilities.


One of the most interesting solutions directly for investors is the OTC market: Investors will be able to buy and sell shares in startups directly with each other. That is, there will be a very convenient chart with stakes, where participants will be able to buy and sell startup coins on the exchange.

Another convenient solution for investors will be the P2E Market tool, where participants will be able to earn coins for free by pressing a button or playing simple games. This means that project tokens will be available for free by tapping or playing simple games. On Xpad.pro this will be shown as active and upcoming. The trick is that the security level of the projects is maximized. And the projects are of high quality.

In addition, the project team is developing several other solutions in the field of security and convenience, such as the tool CoinScan, with which you can calculate the capitalization of a token just by specifying its price; also in development is ROICalc - a tool that allows you to compare and analyze separately collected coins over a period of time to assess the profit brought by them.

Advantages of Xpad.pro:

  • The presence of a DAO guarantor, which resolves all issues between projects and investors.
  • The integration of a DEX regulator, which is responsible for the automatic distribution of tokens to investors, eliminating the need for handwritten coin branding and gas fees.
  • Presence of Pre-Buy and Auto-Buy features that allow you to book and automatically buy back your own allocation without having to be present at your computer. These are features that I haven't seen on any other Launchpads.
  • Launching only quality projects with background, audience and technology, which increases the investment attractiveness and therefore the growth potential of the token.
  • Own token that has multiple uses (utilities), which I will discuss below.

And since I'm talking about the token, let's break it down and talk about the details that are spelled out in tokenomics:

  • Ticker - $XPP;
  • Blockchain - BNB Smart Chain;
  • Total supply - $1.9 billion, of which: 
  • Staking, ref. system and rewards - 26% (494 million)
  • Market maker and initial liquidity - 15% (285 million)
  • Reserves - 13% (247 million)
  • Ecosystem - 5% (95 million)
  • DAO awards and needs - 3% (57 million)
  • Tokensale - 24% (494 million).

For clarity, I attach an infographic taken from the official documentation of the project. 


What's interesting is that thanks to multiple utilities at once, the $XPP token looks more competitive compared to coins of other launchpads, because in addition to staking and participation in IDO, it will be used for voting and management in DAO, where blockchain is also required.

Apart from that, we shouldn't forget about the rewards that will also be distributed in the token or directly linked to it, but no further details are available at the moment. 

The only thing we know about the rewards so far is that there is a referral system that encourages new users to join the platform - each referral will receive 15% of their deposit. Rewards will be paid out in both $USDC stablecoin and $XPP native tokens and can be withdrawn instantly, something few projects can boast.

The token is also required for 

  • Purchase subsequent projects
  • Pay commissions;
  • Staking;
  • Protocol management;
  • Receiving referral rewards.

However, the most important thing about $XPP is its limited issuance and deflationary model, which, combined with its utility, will allow the token to grow significantly after TGE and listings on top exchanges.

How to register on the Xpad.pro platform?

To participate in the seals on XpadPro, we need to go to the site and connect any EVM wallet, such as Metamask, which most users have.



We can then participate in any of the stakes if they are currently active. To do this, we should go to the “Staking” tab, where we can select several options. One of them is Free, which gives us the right to participate for free and to receive up to $500, but with its help we will be able to participate only in a public sale. And the other options give the right to participate in private, pre-public and exclusive sales.


XpadPro Team

The project team is listed on the official website, which is a very important point, as the employees are not hidden and we can look at their experience. At the same time, the official resources of the project indicate that along with the main backbone works 5 separate affiliate teams. It is also worth mentioning the partnerships that the XpadPro team has with Cryptorank, Gate and GotBit. 

Problems that the team solves with the help of Xpad.pro project:

  1. Uncontrolled issuance of tokens and their distribution by the startup project team for selfish purposes and the resulting negative impact on both the price and the community. For example, this prevents situations where the team of a new project can create (minit) as many tokens as they want and immediately sell them, bringing down the price.
  2. Uncontrolled investor pressure on the market, which logically follows from the previous point.
  3. Using the "Pump & Dump" strategy to manipulate the price on the market.
  4. Creating financial pyramids and passing them off as genuine projects.
  5. Honeypots & RugPull - states where a token can be bought but not sold, and the price collapses to zero with all liquidity concentrated in one hand.

As you can see, the XpadPro team is not just developing another launchpad, but a multi-purpose solution for investors who do not want to entrust their funds to insecure formats to buy tokens before their official launch. 

It is quite possible that this is exactly what the old-timers of the market, which have lost their popularity and relevance over time, lacked. Thus, we get a promising launchpad on which the next tier-1 projects can and will be launched, with a rather large potential not only for the growth of their tokens, but also for their impact on the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Unfortunately or fortunately, XpadPro hasn't announced the official launch of IDO at the moment, as the project team is most likely finalizing the development and preparing the entire base for the launch. However, the pre-sale of the $XPP native token, which we detailed above, is already active. As far as we know at the moment, the listing and launch of the token is scheduled for July 15, 2024, immediately after the completion of all sales rounds. By the way, the Seed Sale is currently active and open to retail investors. 

To participate in this sale round, you need to go to the XpadPro website, connect your wallet to the BNB Smart Chain network and make a purchase by exchanging $60 $USDC into $XPP. What's interesting is that the price for this round is set at $0.016 per token, while the initial price at launch will be $0.29.



In that case, below are instructions on how to add the token to your wallet so that it can be displayed. If you suddenly don't know how to do it, the team has already taken care of it and provided information.



Personally, I took 100k $XPP for almost 1600 $USDC and will keep them to participate in IDO, as the price grows before each sale, and the new token will have more prospects than the old one, which has worked out. Therefore, my investment is calculated at least until the end of the year, as I expect the main activity on the market, in particular IDO, by early to mid fall.

More information about XpadPro, $XPP token and the team can be found on social networks: Twitter, Telegram, as well as in the official documentation. I hope the material was useful for you and you learned something new, got acquainted with the format of decentralized token sales and also paid attention to the new project XpadPro with great growth potential.

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