What Is The Next Tipping Token On Publish0x? 🤔

What Is The Next Tipping Token On Publish0x? 🤔

This post may be short but the news is even bigger.

@Frank_hooked2thechain recently interviewed Igor Tomic, one of the Publish0x founders. You can read this interview here on Publish0x.

This interview was also shared here on reddit.

About two hours ago, Dan Bainbridge, "the other founder" of Publish0x, replied to this interview on reddit:

Thanks for sharing whoever put this in :) I'm the other founder :) And the basic idea was to make something "like steemit" (anyone can blog about anything and anyone can tip anyone and tips are free and come from a pool) but without the needless token, without the politics, bias, centralised control of what gets seen, needing to game the system that can come with that. Also then to be multi token (we have DAI, BAT and LRC right now and ETH itself coming in a week) and more crypto agnostic.

And so far so good, and our goals are much bigger than "being a steemit alternative" now, with 100k users and $63k worth of real crypto given out we think we are really onto something :)


Ethereum (ETH) itself is coming in a week!

Wow, this is big news and I believe that this is the best choice 😎👍

Igor said on Telegram that Dan is very optimistic about the timeline, so it will probably in about two or three weeks that we see the integration of Ethereum itself on Publish0x.

I hope I could provide you with some short but interesting information. I promise, that my next post will be longer again!

Thank you guys for reading, liking, following, and tipping 👍

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I look like an expert.

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