The New Trust Wallet SWIFT Is The Easiest To Use Crypto Wallet On the Market

The New Trust Wallet SWIFT Is The Easiest To Use Crypto Wallet On the Market

Trust Wallet, a popular cryptocurrency wallet, has recently introduced a new product called Trust Wallet SWIFT. The new wallet utilizes account abstraction to simplify and streamline the user experience. I believe that this release is a significant move towards achieving mass acceptance of crypto.

The beta version of the wallet is currently available for testing.

In their latest blog post, you can find a detailed guide on using the new SWIFT wallet: Introducing Trust Wallet SWIFT: The Easiest Way to Start Exploring Web3


Starting With The SWIFT Wallet Is Easy

Starting with the new Trust Wallet SWIFT is easy, especially if you are already using the traditional Trust Wallet because, in the latest updated version, you can already access the new SWIFT wallet.

This means that you can choose if you like to stick to the traditional Trust Wallet that you are already used to or if you like to try the new SWIFT wallet. You can switch between both types of wallets at any time and use both simultaneously.

In the beginning, the SWIFT wallet will support seven different blockchains but it is already announced that more will be added soon. These seven chains are low-cost and scalable major EVM chains, including Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC, opBNB, Base, Optimism, and Avalanche.


What Are The Benefits Of The SWIFT Wallet? 

Generally, it's important to understand the advantages that new technology can offer. That's also the case with the new Trust Wallet SWIFT, so let's check them out.

The new SWIFT technology makes using a cryptocurrency wallet much easier and more intuitive. Here are the main key features of the SWIFT wallet:

  • The SWIFT wallet is easily set up within 10 seconds.
  • This is mainly because a confusing secret phrase is no longer required.
  • Instead, your wallet is secured with a passkey, and for login, you use a Biometric setup.
  • You have the freedom of gas token choice. This means that you can use any of the more than 200 supported tokens to pay the gas for any transaction on any blockchain.
  • The native token of Trust Wallet $TWT finally gets a use-case because if you choose $TWT to pay the gas fees for any transaction, you will enjoy lower gas fees. 

My Final Conclusion

The new Trust Wallet SWIFT makes crypto much easier to use, also for the masses that mainly consist of normies. In other words, I believe that the new SWIFT wallet is a big step towards the mass adoption of crypto in general.

So far, the announcement of the first use-case for $TWT after several years of its existence seems to have no measurable effect on the price of $TWT.

I am already a user of the traditional Trust Wallet and I will definitely try out the new SWIFT and probably use both of them and use both of them simultaneously.

What are you planning to do? Let me know in the comments.

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