tBTC - The Bridge Between Bitcoin And Ethereum

tBTC - The Bridge Between Bitcoin And Ethereum

With tBTC, a new revolutionary ERC-20 token is going to see the light of the crypto world very soon. This innovative token embeds Bitcoin in the Ethereum blockchain and I believe that it is definitely worth it to have a closer look at tBTC RIGHT NOW.


What Is tBTC?

The ERC-20 token is designed for decentralized finance (short: DeFi) applications. This innovative token is intended to bridge different crypto ecosystems in the future.

The crypto company Thesis has announced the early launch of the ERC-20 token tBTC. The token coupled to Bitcoin runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is intended to act as a connecting element between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The new token could also close a gap in the area of ​​DeFi. As the demand for Bitcoin-backed loans increases, a number of crypto companies such as Blockfi, Compound, Genesis Global Trading and Blockchain.com have already developed solutions for the lending business with cryptocurrencies.

tBTC could offer another way for users to get cryptocurrency-backed loans. Project manager Matt Luongo said that some DeFi credit platforms have already promised token integration.


Users who want to have a tBTC token created must first apply for a Bitcoin wallet address in the network. The system then selects a number of signatories that generate a private and public key. The group of "Signers" then confirms to the Ethereum blockchain that the deposit has been processed. The tBTC tokens can then be created and sent to the Bitcoin holder's Ethereum Wallet.

The development of the protocol has already reached the code freeze phase. The codebase is therefore ready, now it is important to test the system for possible errors under real network conditions.

Thesis, which is also behind the Keep protocol, has secured $ 7.7 million in a new round of funding. The lead investor was Paradigm Capital. The mainnet launch of tBTC is announced for April 27th, 2020.

My Conclusion About tBTC

I believe that everyone who is a fan of Chainlink (LINK) will also see the benefits of this new ERC-20 token.

Some tBTC will definitely go into my portfolio when the network has been launched in March.

I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information.

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