Smartphone cost traps

Smartphone Cost Traps - Don`t Get Ripped Off By Your Smartphone!

You can use your smartphone to earn money or you can get ripped off by your smartphone and actually lose a lot of money. Let me show you how to avoid the biggest smartphone cost traps so that you don´t get ripped off by your smartphone!


The Problem

Many of us cryptocurrency enthusiasts are using our smartphones several hours each day. The issue is that many users especially those under the age of twenty have a pile of debts for one single reason. They are constantly being ripped off by their smartphone to such an extent that they have to seek advice from a debtor.

That`s why it is very important that you avoid the biggest cost traps associated with your smartphone and the best way to start with it to know them.


Data Usage

There are a few countries where you get unlimited mobile data usage. In most countries, mobile data usage is limited and when you have reached that limit, you need to buy additional packs for mobile data.

It is extremely difficult to estimate how much mobile data is actually being used, as apps also work in the background even when they are not open. This is the case, for example, when apps produce push messages.

So, the first piece of advice is obvious: Log in to a WLAN connection with your smartphone wherever this is possible to save mobile data. If you are at home or at work or staying with your girlfriend overnight, log in to WLAN. Keep in mind that you can pre-download certain data like podcasts to save them on your smartphone for later.

You can also check under your settings what apps are using the most mobile data.


Call To Foreign Countries

If you call someone in a foreign country or even if you only receive a call from a foreign country, it can become very expensive. For example, if I am making a call from Europe to Canada or the other way around, it costs more than $2 per minute but for other countries, it can be even more expensive.

You have to be especially careful when you are on vacation. If you are using mobile data while you are on vacation, it can easily cost you several hundreds of dollars. Make sure that you know the costs of your data usage in a foreign country before you go on vacation because otherwise, you can have a nasty surprise on your bill. Again, make sure to download the data you need when you are logged in to a WLAN. Another option is to buy a local prepaid card.


App Purchases

Another way of getting ripped off by your smartphone is the use of apps. Especially app abonnements and in-app-purchases are a big cost trap. Keep in mind, that apps are programmed in a way that you do an in-app-purchase or that you do sign up for the abo. The sums are usually small but they add up quickly and can get you into financial trouble. 

Check all the abonnements in your smartphone´s settings and cancel them. If there is an app that you really need, it doesn´t matter, cancel them because in most cases, you will get a better offer as they want to keep you as a customer. In this way, you can profit from discounts for those apps you really need.

You can also deactivate the possibility to do in-app-purchases or abos completely. This is an option that especially parents should consider for their children`s smartphones. 


Chargeable Numbers

Then there are also chargeable service numbers that you should avoid calling. You can usually tell from the area code which depends on the country you are living in. Calling an erotic hotline or a sweepstake is expensive. The same applies to SMS.  Honestly, I don`t understand users who are willing to pay additional 50 cents or even some dollars for an SMS to vote for the next TV superstar. This is like throwing away money. 

The most important advice when it comes to service numbers is this: Never call back numbers you don`t know, especially when they are from foreign countries. In the worst case, it is a ping scam and when you call back you are calling a chargeable number. 


My Final Words

A smartphone is a great tool to earn money, especially cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, you constantly have to watch out not to get ripped off by your smartphone. So I hope that I could provide you with some helpful and useful information about the biggest smartphone cost traps in order to avoid them. Nothing in my post is sponsored and it really reflects my own opinion.

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