Presearch Has Implemented A New Rewards Verification System (RVS)

Presearch Has Implemented A New Rewards Verification System (RVS)

At the beginning of March 2022, Presearch has implemented a new Rewards Verification System (RVS) on its platform. 

Let me explain, how this new Rewards Verification System works and why it is necessary.

Almost two years ago, I already published an article about the old Reward Verification System here on Publish0x. You can find this article here: Why Presearch Should Be Used As A Search Engine - PRE Levels Explained

Presearch has announced that this old RVS with "eligible tokens" and "PRE Levels" is no longer working. At the beginning of the new month, it has been replaced by a new RVS.

With the removal of the $PRE Level system, the process of accessing your reward tokens had also been changed. Now you need to claim your $PRE tokens from the Rewards account to your savings account. From the savings account, you can use your tokens either for keyword staking or you can withdraw them to an external wallet.

Once you have transferred the tokens to your savings account, you own them because these tokens can not experience like the tokens in your rewards account because of inactivity.

It is still a necessary requirement to earn 1,000 $PRE tokens as search rewards before you will be able to claim them into your savings account. Simply click the button "Claim Rewards Tokens" on the page of your Rewards account.

Claim Presearch Rewards Tokens

When you want to claim your tokens to your savings account, there are two possible scenarios: You will either be able to immediately claim your rewards or you will be informed that your claim has been added to a queue for manual review. In this case, the page will show you how many accounts are due to be reviewed before your account.

So in the best case, no review is needed and you can claim directly to your savings account.

PRE savings account

The factors that will trigger a review must necessarily be left vague to protect the platform. In the end, it will depend on the quantity and severity of the flags that the new RVS may have added to your account based on your past activities.

This is an important first step in moving towards creating a fair, proactive system that rewards Presearchers for adding value to this project by way of authentically searching the web.

Really try using Presearch just like you would use any other search engine. Do not try to manipulate the system to collect extra rewards. See the problem that the RVS needs to solve is the following.

When you perform a web search with Google you never think of earning any crypto with it. The one and only reason for you to use Google is to get the search results that you are looking for. You have a real intrinsic need to find specific information. You are searching authentically and n this way, you are adding value to the Google project with your performed searches. Your search data has a value when it is authentically and based on a real need to find search results. Google uses the data from your authentic searches to monetize it by displaying ads.

Presearch is different as Presearch rewards you with $PRE tokens for your searches. In other words, Presearch is giving away free crypto.

As a result of this many users start using Presearch as a kind of faucet and perform some nonsense searches just to earn the daily reward tokens. These nonsense searches are not a normal search behavior that is adding some kind of value to the project. Users especially tend to perform nonsense searches when they are getting closer to 1,000 earned $PRE tokens which is the withdrawal minimum.

These searches are not helping to improve and grow the project. No, $PRE token farming is actually damaging the project. That's why it is considered abusive behavior in Presearch's terms of use that you agree to when you sign up.

Even worse than $PRE token farming by performing nonsense searches are automated programs or bots designed to earn rewards.

Presearch needs to ensure that people are not just using Presearch just to accumulate $PRE tokens without adding value to the system. So, there has to be some kind of RVS to ensure that Preseach is not used as a token farm.


My Final Conclusion

I doubt that the new RVS is a real improvement compared to the old one. I believe that the old system was much more transparent as you had direct feedback. You were able to change your search behavior according to your current $PRE Levels. Now you do not get this feedback anymore and you don't know if your account is flagged or not until the moment that you try to claim your rewards to your savings account.

Of course, I am also interested in your opinion on the new RSV. It would be awesome if you just leave a comment under my post.

Finally, I can give you one simple piece of advice when it comes to searching with Presearch. When I use Presearch to search the web, I always try to forget about the $PRE Tokens. I think when you just forget about the $PRE tokens then your searches will automatically become authentic. When you search the web authentically then don't have to worry about getting flagged by the RVS at all.

Also, don't forget that you can receive your first 25 PRE for FREE just for signing up via this invitation link. Keep in mind that you only get them when you use an invitation link for signing up. If you don't use such an invitation link, you don`t receive them. So if you are not already using Presearch right now, you can use my invitation link to receive your first 25 $PRE tokens for free, currently worth around $5,00.

In the end, I hope I could provide you with some useful and interesting information about the new Presearch Rewards Verification System, how it works and why it is necessary.

Thank you guys as always for your support and if you like, you can also follow me on Twitter and also on 😉

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