Food Companies start using the Blockchain Technology to Track their Products

The blockchain creates trust. Consequently, it should be used wherever that is sorely needed. In this sense, it is hardly surprising that the food company Danone is now launching a blockchain solution for tracking baby food.

Danone has announced that it will be able to trace the supply chains of its baby food in the future. The French food company unveiled “Block & Connect” on February 13, a blockchain-based solution that is already being used in China. The group continued to promise launch in France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia in 2020.

However, Danone is not the only manufacturer of beverages and food that tries to harness the benefits of blockchain. Even the Coca-Cola Group announced in November 2019 that it wanted to use this technology in the future.

Nowadays, there are also countless application examples. At this point, mention should be made of a platform that is supposed to prove the place of origin of the wine, as well as a blockchain solution for proof of authenticity in olive oil. The second example also participates in an IBM-initiated supply chain tracking network.

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