Explore The Hidden Features Of Your Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Explore The Hidden Features Of Your Brave Browser

Most of you already know how to earn Basic Attention Token ($BAT) with the Brave Browser. There is no need to write about this. This post is about other great features that this browser has. These features are well hidden and most users are not aware of them.

Let me explain how to explore and use awesome hidden features like the Tor Browser within the Brave Browser and the wayback machine.

Using Tor Browser Within The Brave Browser

The private mode in Firefox, Chrome, and other well-known browsers can mislead a user because it makes nobody invisible while surfing, but only ensures that no surf tracks are left on the computer. Many users rightly think of it differently. The Brave Browser has therefore expanded the private mode.

Users can now explicitly open a new window in private mode with the support of the well-known Tor network. Tor is an anonymization network that obscures the activities of users on the Internet. So far, you either needed a browser extension or installed the Tor Browser.


Thanks to the Tor feature, the Brave Browser is greatly upgraded. You can surf normally with it and, if necessary, you can easily open a private window with Tor support.

Simply click on the menu icon on the right edge of the search bar and select "New private window with Tor". Then a new window opens that contrasts in color from normal mode.

WLAN hotspots on your vacation or other public places, for example, are a possible application for the Brave Browser. Log in to the hotspot in a normal tab and then simply open a window with Tor support for private surfing. This obscures the IP address and encrypts the data traffic. The configuration is kept absolutely simple, there are no options for adapting the Tor configuration. If you open a new window with Tor, you will directly see a brief description, including possible side effects such as slow connection or problems with websites.

Using The Time Machine

Everyone knows the error message "404: Page not found". If this message appears on the screen, good advice is expensive - unless you use the Brave Browser with its built-in time machine. So nothing is ever truly gone on the internet.

Internet pages and their content are changed, moved, or deleted more or less frequently. If you then look for something at a known address that no longer exists, you are left out in the cold.

Therefore, the open-source Brave Browser in the desktop version now offers for "404" - and related errors to open an archived version of the page you are looking for. You just have to press the red button "Check for archived version".


To this end, the Brave Browser cooperates with the Internet Archive, which has been continuously archiving websites from all over the world since the 1990s and calls the project Wayback Machine.

But even those who do not use the Brave Browser can check directly at "Waybackmachine.org" whether and when the Internet Archive last saved the page they were looking for and then open it.

The non-profit Internet Archive not only stores the internet but pretty much everything you can imagine in digital cultural assets: music, films, software, scanned books, games, even malware from the 80s and 90s - with the aim of preserving everything and make it freely accessible.

Final Words

I hope that I could provide you with some useful and valuable information about the best hidden features that your Brave Browser has to offer.

If you know another great hidden feature, please let me know in the comments!

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