EMERGENCY - The Callisto Tipping Bot Needs To Be Fixed

EMERGENCY - The Callisto Tipping Bot Needs To Be Fixed

Maybe you have read one of my previous posts with the title "Callisto Network (CLO) Cold Staking And Tipping Bots "

I stared this post with these words: "I recently joined a Telegram group and I received a tip in CLO. That was the moment when I got to know this fascinating coin. I immediately fell in love with the friendly tipping bot."

Now, my beloved Callisto Tipping Bot is in danger. It is a real emergency. The bot needs to be fixed! Here is the plan.

Callisto NETWORK

This is the thumbnail from my original post.

The Original Callisto Tipping Bot

The Original Callisto Tipping Bot is implemented in Telegram Messenger. The bot is connected to the Callisto network blockchain and therefore you are able to Cold stake your CLO for a monthly return. You lock your CLO for 27 days and get a certain percentage return back when you withdraw. Of course, the bot was also used to give other users tips in CLO and it was also used to distribute rewards (e.g. for retweets) and airdrops (CLO rain).

What Changes Have Been Made?

Now, the New Tipping Bot (called Crypto.Bot)can also be used for nine different cryptocurrencies in total. It is also supported by other blockchains like ERC20 and BEP2. As you see in the picture below, the new Tipping bot has the same menu like the old version. The focus is clearly still on CLO as the menu shows how to earn CLO as well as the CLO cold staking option.

You can use the new tipping bot not only on Telegram, but also on Twitter, which is definitely cool.


Basically, the new implementation of new coins in the tipping bot is a great idea. It can help to reach out to other crypto communities and of course, I also love to receive tips and airdrops in different cryptocurrencies. So what`s the problem?

The Problem Of The Rotten Apple

The problem lies in the rotten apple. Have a look at the supported coins and try to spot the rotten apple.


And, what do you see? It already hurts my eyes when I see it. Damn right, it is scammy and spammy Kicktoken.

I hope that you read my post TOP 5 Useless And Worthless Shitcoins If not, you still have to chance to read it. I announced Kicktoken to be the biggest shitcoin that the crypto space has ever seen.


Also, one of the very first posts that I have published on publish0x was about Kicktoken: "The Frozen Airdrop of 888,888 Kicktoken - Great Marketing or a Poisoned Fruit?"

The predictions I have made in this post about the spammy and scammy Kicktoken have turned out to be true meanwhile. Kicktoken is my number one shitcoin. I have this shitcoin in my own portfolio, even publish0x has this shitcoin in its payout wallet as you can see here on etherscan.

They did a so-called frozen airdrop with their Kicktoken. The kickex gang has paid $50.000 worth of transaction fees to perform the frozen drop. They have sent this spam token to one million different addresses.

A kicktoken is an ERC-20 Token, that runs on the ethereum blockchain and works with smart contracts. In this smart contract, they programmed to lock them up in your wallet. They are "frozen". This means, that right now you can not withdraw them, not to kucoin, where they are tradable, or anywhere else. You have to unlock ("unfreeze") them, which is only possible at the kickex ecosystem. They can only be used to pay the fees. 尹

If you want to know more about the problems with kicktoken, please read the two posts mentioned in this chapter.

I believe that it is dangerous that this scammy and spammy shitcoin is added to the tipping bot. It is like a rotten apple in a chest.

The danger is that kicktoken will use this BOT to perform their frozen airdrops to the whole Callisto Community. The tipping bot was one of the greatest Callisto features, it was the feature I loved the most. If kicktoken uses the bot to perform a frozen airdrop, the reputation of the Callisto bot could be seriously damaged.

My Constructive Plan To Fix The Bot

It is great to have new coins as tipping options, so the basic idea is awesome. Especially, l love the integration of NOW token and Ethereum.

So there is only one solution: Kicktoken has to be removed from the tipping bot as soon as possible.

The free space can be used for another token, but please, don`t replace Kicktoken with another shitcoin like toilet paper coin or Minereum. 尹

Replace the shitcoin with coins and tokens that have an awesome community like Basic Attention Token, Loopring Coin or Dai Stable Coin.

Thank you guys for reading, liking, following, and tipping

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UPDATE 24 May 2020, 10:00 MEZ:

Awesome News - Kicktoken has just been removed from the bot!

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