Callisto Network (CLO) Cold Staking And Tipping Bots 🤖
Callisto NETWORK
Callisto Network (CLO) Cold Staking And Tipping Bots 🤖

I recently joined a Telegram group and I received a tip in CLO. That was the moment when I got to know this fascinating coin. I immediately fell in love with the friendly tipping bot. That`s not the only cool feature. I found out that this network can do much more like cold staking and free security audits for smart contacts. It is definitely worth it to have a closer look at Callisto and for this reason, I decided to write this post. Here is what I discovered.

Callisto Network

Callisto Network is a decentralized open-source crypto platform based on the go-Ethereum source code with its own cryptocurrency "CLO". The main goal of Callisto is to research and develop a reference implementation of a self-sustaining, self-governed and self-funded blockchain ecosystem and development environment. It was developed by one of the three developer teams from the Ethereum Commonwealth.

Callisto differs from the other blockchains by cold staking, free audits for smart contracts and probably the coolest thing: Tipping Bots. 😎

Callisto Network (CLO) Coin

Callisto Network has its own cryptocurrency "CLO". CLO`s price today is $ 0.00066931 with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 54,175. It has a circulating supply of 2.5 Billion coins and a max supply of 6.5 Billion coins. CLO is currently located on market cap rank #456.

CLO is still a kind of a newbie in crypto space, so there are only a few exchanges where you can trade CLO at the moment. STEX is the current most active market trading CLO. You can trade CLO also on Bitfinex, an exchange that doesn´t require KYC.

I would recommend ChangeNOW to buy and sell your CLO, because ChangeNOW is very easy to use and there is no registration needed at all like on other exchanges. 

Cold Staking

CLO is the first cold staking coin!

Cold Staking is a protocol that rewards long-term coin holders for holding their CLO coins. Cold Staking is not related to PoS nor a consensus mechanism. Cold stakers receive passive income for holding their coins.

The Callisto cold staking protocol is written in Solidity, a smart contract programming language. The cold staking contract receives 30% of all mining rewards per block and distributes this amount among cold stakers in direct proportion to their stake.

You can use a variety of different wallets for CLO cold staking like Callisto Wallet, Magnum Wallet or Guarda. I prefer Trust Wallet for staking my CLO. Trust Wallet is supported by the popular Binance exchange. It supports all ERC20 Tokens existing. It`s available for Google Android and Apple IOS. You can also use it to withdraw all ERC20 tokens like Basic Attention Token or DAI that you have earned here on publish0x.

This short youtube video explains how easy it is to stake CLO on Trust Wallet:

CLO Mining

Callisto (CLO) is a minable coin with a PoW algorithm. You can mine Callisto by connecting your rigs to mining pools and getting your reward. I recommend joining Callisto pool on 2miners.comThe reward for every found block in Callisto network amounts to 216 CLO, but keep in mind that 10% goes to the currency creators for development and support. As a result, miners get 129 CLO per block. The block reward decreased by 40% each 1,500,000 blocks.

Smart Contract Security Audits

Callisto is not only a cryptocurrency, but it also has a higher priority!
The Callisto Network provides security audits for smart contracts. They are providing these security audits for smart contracts for free.
Normally security audits cost a lot of money, depending on the scope of the programming code. The security auditor and manager are paid by the Callisto Network itself. So these security auditions for smart contracts are indeed very special.

What does this bring to the entire Ethereum world? Clearly more security for investors' money. So that attacks like in previous years can no longer happen.

CLO Tipping Bot On Telegram

One of the coolest features of the Callisto Network is probably their tipping Bot on Telegram.

It is also a great possibility to receive some CLO for free! 

First of all, I recommend joining Callisto Network’s Telegram channel

This is where the Callisto community together has developed the bot and also where you find support and the latest update of information.

To start using the bot you talk to @callistotip_bot in Telegram Messanger or use the link Simply send a private message to the bot and press start to continue. Now a CLO wallet is created for you that will stay connected to your Telegram identity.


Now you are ready to send and receive tips from the community. 

In the Callisto Telegram group, frequent activity promotions are made. That`s why I recommend joining this group to receive a rain of CLO for free.

The bot is connected to the Callisto network blockchain and therefore you are able to Cold stake your CLO for a monthly return. You lock your CLO for 27 days and get a certain percentage return back when you withdraw. At the time of writing everyone who locks their funds get 1.2% interest on their CLO.

My Conclusion About Callisto

No matter what technologies are still being developed, e.g. Blockchain 4.0, Callisto has no "expiry date" because security audits are always required. I believe, that this feature plus the cold staking and the connection with the mining makes Callisto a very good long-term investment opportunity. 

I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about Callisto.

Thank you guys for reading, liking, following, and tipping 👍

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