$REVU Starts Trading On KuCoin (After An Eternity Of Waiting)

$REVU Starts Trading On KuCoin (After An Eternity Of Waiting)

On the 6th of May, I published a post about Revuto here on Publish0x with the title "Stop Subscriptions From Stealing Your Hard-Earned Satoshis with Revuto And Get Your first 10 $REVU For FREE! 🔥".

Revuto is a one-stop solution for all your subscriptions running on Cardano that lets you approve, block, or snooze your payment for any service in seconds.

Since then months have passed and the app still isn't working. You can install the app on your phone but the app is still not doing what it is supposed to do which is managing subscriptions.


Another thing is the REVU token which is still not tradable anywhere. 

They started hyping their app too early in my opinion. The longer things take there, the more I got frustrated about the non-working app.

Well, Cardano fans may be used to wait but I am honestly not. Several months are an eternity in the crypto space.

I would prefer that crypto projects come up with a working product first before they start hyping it. This reminds me of Alien Worlds, a game on the WAX blockchain that was totally overhyped but still after more than one year, it is still not working.

Today, I checked Twitter to see if there is any development in Revuto and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that trading for the $REVU token shall start on KuCoin on the 7th of January.

$REVU is Revuto's native token that will be running on the Cardano blockchain. The main incentive for holding $REVU tokens is to save your money while paying for your subscription charges.

An eternity of waiting seems to come to an end. Well, the waiting for a working product still continues.

They announced it with the words "Good things come to those who wait", lmao.

I agree with that statement because I waited long enough so it better should be good. 🤓

I have some $REVU tokens in the Revuto app because I signed up early. However, as the token was not tradable anywhere despite the non-working app, I haven't done the KYC yet and can't claim them. Maybe I should do my KYC now so that I can trade them on KuCoin.


My Final Words

As one of the first projects to launch on the Cardano Blockchain, the expectations were high for Revuto. Well, my expectations have cooled down after many months of waiting but with the start of $REVU trading on KuCoin there is new hope. 

At the end of my post, I like to remind you as always that my intention in this post is to raise your awareness of Revuto. My intention is not to replace your own research.

I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about Revuto and the start of $REVU trading on KuCoin.

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Short update: When I try doing the KYC, I get an error message. Will I ever be able to claim my REVU tokens? It's time that they get their app working.

REVUTO app not working

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