Earn Unlimited Rewards With The CakeDeFi Easter Egg Hunt

Earn Unlimited Rewards With The CakeDeFi Easter Egg Hunt 🐣

You guys know me as a big fan of CakeDeFi as I have already written and published a bunch of articles about CakeDeFi in the past. 

This is a short information post about the latest promo on CakeDeFi that has started today and will run over the next two weeks.

Join the CakeDeFi Easter Egg Hunt to earn unlimited rewards in DFI tokens.


What Is CakeDeFi?

The thing is that Decentralized Finance products are still quite complicated, especially for beginners. So the main idea behind CakeDeFi is simply to make it easier to participate in Liquidity Mining, Lending, Staking, and all the stuff that is happening in the world of Decentralized Finance.

CakeDeFi helps you to put your crypto to work and generate passive income easily and uncomplicated. Even the most inexperienced crypto novice can participate.

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CakeDeFi Easter Egg Hunt Promo

Today on the 11th of April, CakeDeFi has announced the Easter Egg Hunt promotion. You can also join the CakeDeFi Easter Egg Hunt to earn unlimited rewards in $DFI tokens. It is actually very simple. Here is how it works.

CakeDeFi Easter Egg Hunt Promo

The Easter Egg Hunt Promo will run until 18:00 SGT (10:00 UTC) on 25 April 2022 and during the next two weeks of the promotion, you have the chance to get increased sign-up bonuses. The bonus is increased for both, the referral and the referee. 

For every successful referral, the referrer will receive $20 worth of $DFI and the refereed new user will receive $40 worth of $DFI. This is $10 more than usual. The boni will be automatically locked in the Freezer for 180 days but they will earn you additional staking rewards during that time.

If you want to receive the bonus make sure to use an invitation link for signing up (Code: 528168) because otherwise, you won't receive it.

Then complete the KYC and deposit t least $50 as a first-time deposit in any supported cryptocurrency into your CakeDeFi account during the promo period. The promo period is from 18:00 SGT (10:00 UTC) on 11th April 2022 to 18:00 SGT (10:00 UTC) on 25 April 2022. Any referee who signs up or completes its sign-up outside of the promotional campaign period will not enjoy the increased bonus on offer. So, I recommend doing it now before you miss out on the increased bonus. I also recommend depositing a little bit more than exactly $50 because the prices of crypto fluctuate and if you deposit only one cent less, you won't match the requirements.


Get extra $10 from CakeDeFi Learn & Earn

As a new CakeDeFi user, you can also get $10 in free tokens on top y participating in their learn and earn program.

Simply learn about various cryptocurrencies like $DFI and $BTC and how they work through fun lessons and quizzes.

For existing users, the participation was limited to the first 1000 participations but new users are still able to earn it on top of the signup bonus.

Get extra $10 from CakeDeFi Learn & Earn


My Final Words

I review every project very carefully before I highlight it with an article on Publish0x and I am using CakeDefi for almost two years now. 

I have tested it myself and looking back at my two years on CakeDefi, I am more than satisfied. 😉

CakeDeFi gives you the best sign-up bonus that you can currently get on the market. If you sign up today, you can get $40 plus $10 from learn & earn. That's a $50 bonus after only depositing $50. Other platforms like BlockFi offer only a $10 bonus after depositing at least $100.  

At the end of my post, I also like to remind you that my intention in this post is to raise your awareness of the potential of CakeDeFi and my intention is not to replace your own research.  😁

I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about CakeDeFi

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Important Update!

CakeDeFi has just announced changes to their bonus program!

In the past, CakeDeFi has paid out a $30 bonus in $DFI for a first-time deposit of $50 or more. Their terms have now changed. Users will receive a $30 welcome bonus in DFI when they make an allocation worth $50 or more!



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