$PIXEL On Binance Launchpool - Sell Or HODL?

$PIXEL On Binance Launchpool - Sell Or HODL?

Binance has just announced its 46th project which will launch on Binance Launchpool. This time it is $PIXEL, the native token of the crypto game Pixels. As you already know from my previous post, I never miss out on any project on Binance Launchpool, also not this time. So the big question is whether to directly sell the tokens when trading starts or hodl onto them for the long term.

We will discuss that but first let's see what $PIXEL is, and how you can farm these tokens on Binance Launchpool.


What Is $PIXEL?

$PIXEL is the native token of the social web3 game Pixels built on the Ronin Network. It is used as an in-game currency to buy upgrades, items, or special player skins. 

The gameplay can be compared with World of Warcraft but in a cheap pixel style. It is an open-ended world where you can farm resources, explore new places, and build your city.

According to the Pixels white paper, the team behind the project aims to experiment, build, and iterate on the features that make web3 gaming unique, namely Play-to-earn, Guilds, On-chain Reputation & Player Personas, Social-Fi, and Interoperability.


Farming $PIXEL on Binance Launchpool

Soon you can stake your $BNB and $FDUSD tokens into separate Launchpools to farm $PIXEL tokens. Farming starting on 2024-02-09 for ten days.

PIXEL on Binance Launchpool

Farming new tokens on Binance Launchpool is quite easy. The announcement of new Launchpool projects by Binance is often brief, which can make it easy to overlook them. I previously shared my strategy for ensuring that I never miss out on any Binance Launchpool opportunities.

If you happened to miss it, you can still read about it here: I Never Missed Out On Any Binance Launchpool 🚀 This Is The Trick You Need To Know


Sell Or HODL?

I don't know what you are going to do with your tokens farmed on Binance Launchpool but I can surely tell you what I am going to do with them. I am going to sell the right way and here is why.

First of all, I am not a big fan of gaming in general. I will not play this game and I will never use any of my $PIXEL tokens to buy any kind of in-game item. 

Secondly, Pixels reminds me of Alien Worlds, an overhyped game on the WAX blockchain that had also been farmable on Binance Launchpool around three years ago. Its native token $TLM is down more than 98% from its all-time high. The token launched before there was even a proper game and with Pixels it seems to be more or less the same case. 

In my opinion, it is just another random underdeveloped game with the cheapest possible graphics. The label "web3 game" doesn't enhance the gameplay. It is just not worth an investment in my humble opinion. That's why I am going to sell my tokens right away as soon as trading starts on the 19th of February.


My Final Conclusion

What do you think about Pixels, the new project on Binance Launchpool? Are you going to farm $PIXEL and do you think it is a good investment to hodl for the long term or not?  

By the way, if, for some crazy reason, you have not yet registered on Binance, please consider using my referral link with the invitation code E3PGAJCE to sign up. Using it saves trading fees for each Binance trade, a win-win.

I hope my post provides valuable information, but it should not replace your #DYOR. Although I may appear knowledgeable in my profile picture, I am not your financial advisor.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoy this type of content, follow me here on Publish0x for more. You can also follow me on an app called  "X" and Medium.

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