Kinza Finance - Confirmed Rewards For Early Supporters And Invested In By Binance

Kinza Finance - Confirmed Rewards For Early Supporters And Invested In By Binance

If you think that only big crypto projects can make you big money, then you're mistaken. In my experience, even smaller, less hyped projects can be quite rewarding, as recently with the $PYTH airdrop. 

I believe that one of these potentially rewarding but less hyped projects may be Kinza Finance. It has a confirmed airdrop and Binance Labs is directly invested in it.


What Is Kinza Finance?

Kinza Finance is a decentralized lending protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. It is designed to offer users a flexible and customizable DeFi lending experience that is non-custodial, permissionless, and secure.

Kinza Finance incorporates cutting-edge DeFi mechanisms and solutions to provide its users with the best possible experience. The protocol contains mechanisms and incentives to encourage participation, with innovative tokenomics ensuring sustainability.

Back in August, Binance Labs announced that they had invested in Kinza Finance. This means that when Kinza is going to launch their native token $KZA next year there is a high chance that it will be listed on Binance


Roadmap and Confirmed Airdrop

Kinza Finance has just published its roadmap including a confirmed airdrop for early supporters of the platform. 

Kinza Finance has allocated 5% of the total token supply for an airdrop to early users. Lend or borrow tokens on the Kinza Finance platform to earn airdrop points. These points will later be converted into $KZA tokens.

Kinza Finance Airdrop

You can earn these points by connecting your wallet to Kinza Finance and providing liquidity. Make sure that you choose the Binance Smart Chain when you connect your wallet. Please note that this post contains a referral link that supports my writing. By referring your friends to Kinza Finance, you can also earn airdrop points.

When you click the dashboard tab, you will find the assets that you can supply. I would provide some $BNB as I am still holding some in my wallet. However, simply choose the asset that you prefer and click the supply button.

After you have deposited funds, go back to the "Airdrop" tab and check the number of points that you have earned by providing liquidity.


My Final Conclusion

Of course, I can not give you any kind of guarantee that this airdrop is worth it. If you want to get some kind of guarantee then the best is to buy a toaster on Amazon. 

We have to wait and see. Whether it will be worth it or not, according to my #DYOR there is a high chance that Kinza Finance is one of these underestimated projects that can be quite rewarding for early supporters. 

However, please do not take my post as financial advice. I may look smart in my profile pic but I am not your financial sensei. 

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