Interacting With Decentralized Finance Protocols Can Be Extremely Beneficial. Here Is Why.

Interacting With Decentralized Finance Protocols Can Be Extremely Beneficial. Here Is Why.

There are different kinds of airdrops. On one side, there are those airdrops that I consider worthless and simply a waste of time like the ones from CoinMarketCap.

To be honest, the airdrops from CoinMarketCap are more like bounties than airdrops. You have to do a bunch of brainless tasks like follow here and retweet there. If you are lucky you might be among the tiny percentage of lucky ones that receives a small reward.

On the other side, some airdrops are extremely beneficial, airdrops that are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars. I am talking about airdrops for those who are holding a certain token or who have interacted with a Decentralized Protocol, for example by providing liquidity on a DEX.


It Started With UniSwap

The first of these big airdrops were the airdrop of 400 $UNI tokens for early users of Uniswap. Anyone who had ever interacted with Uniswap was entitled to claim their newly issued $UNI token. Back then I missed out on the Uniswap airdrop because I never made a swap on the DEX for one simple reason. I was not willing to pay the high gas fees on Uniswap. 


Finding These Airdrops

This leads me to the main difficulty with these DeFi airdrops. You never know when they will happen. Well, this makes sense as the intention of these airdrops is to reward early adopters and supporters and if everyone knows about it then the airdrop amount would shrink massively. In the end, you have a 50-cent airdrop left like the ones from Binance Learn & Earn.

The next difficulty is to find the airdrops after they have happened. Imagine, you are entitled to claim a thousand-dollar airdrop but you miss it because you simply don`t know about it. Luckily there is already a solution to solve this difficulty. is a free service that helps you to find unclaimed airdrops just by typing in your Ethereum, Cosmos, BNB Chain, or EVM address. I am using this website to frequently check my wallet addresses for unclaimed airdrops. says about itself that it finds a whooping $664 on average in airdrops and NFTs.


Preparing For Future Airdrops

Since then more and more decentralized projects had followed the Uniswap approach like SushiSwap, ENS, or Forth. 

Thanks to my favorite crypto-agnostic blogging platform Publish0x I was able to claim around $4000 in FORTH tokens. In this case, I was just lucky that I had withdrawn a small amount into my private wallet so that was able to participate in a Twitter giveaway from Publish0x.

Finding future airdrops that reward early adopters of a DeFi protocol is almost impossible. What you can try to do is look for hints but in the end, you do not have any kind of guarantees. That’s why it is extremely difficult to prepare yourself for such an event. 

I recently found a hint for a potential Taiko airdrop for Loopring users. Parts of the old and the current Loopring Team are developing a project called Taiko. All Taiko Co-Founders are Loopringers.

Co-Founder Daniel Wang mentioned on discord that he will try to make an airdrop for Loopring users possible. Of course, there are no guarantees for that.


My Final Conclusion

However, what I can say is that interacting with Decentralized Finance protocols can be extremely beneficial and there are more big airdrops to come. 

If you have any hints for potential DeFi airdrops then it would be awesome if you would leave a comment. 

Thank you for reading and if this is the kind of stuff you like to read here on Publish0x, I would be happy about a follow.

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