Top 10 Staking and Masternode Coins - week no. 17/2020

The report covers the period from 19 to 26 April 2020 with PoS coins with the best results - weekly summary.


This week, new asset names were in the top 10 staking coins.

All assets dominate the green zone with profits from 13.58% to 38.41% .

Moving to the top three rates, we have the philanthropic  cryptocurrency Pinkcoin (PINK) with a weekly increase of 38.41%. Other notable assets are  Energi (NRG)  and  MMOCoin ( MMO ),  which have a profit of 34.71% and 33.90% respectively .

For three consecutive weeks only  Polis (POLIS)  remained strong in the top 10. While  Wagerr (WGR)  appeared for 2 weeks in a row.

The list of top 10 earning PoS coins that are available on PoS and Masternode platforms is below:

Top 10 Staking Coins - week 17

Top 10 PoS coins this week:

  1. Pinkcoin (PINK) + 38.41%
  2. Energi (NRG) + 34.71%
  3. MMOCoin (MMO) + 33.90%
  4. Rapids (RPD) + 28.29%
  5. Phore (PHR) + 21.43%
  6. BitGreen (BITG) + 18.22%
  7. Wagerr (WGR) + 17.03%
  8. Divi (DIVI) + 15.20%
  9. CloakCoin (CLOAK) + 14.20%
  10. Polis (POLIS) + 13.58%

The 5 coins that were out of the top ten are: NavCoin, Crown, Solaris, Radium and Bitcoin Plus.


Top 10 Masternode coins - week 17


The report covers the period from 19 to 26 April 2020. Coins with the best Masternode results - weekly summary.

This week, the 10 best-performing masternodes have returned to the green zone. Masternode assets have seen a conservative price increase of 1.57% to 28.29% over the last seven days of operation.

The first coin is Rapids (RPD) with a profit of 28.29%. RPD quickly entered the best results this week, even though it was not in the top ten on the list from last week.

The second and third places are  Phore (PHR)  with 21.43% growth and  Wagerr (WGR), respectively,  with a weekly increase of  17.30  % respectively. Both assets were present in the top ten last week, PHR managed to take 5 steps forward, and WGR fell 2 places down.

Special distinction for  Crown (CRW)  for being one of the newly listed assets at MyCointainer . The project is already gaining the title in our Top 10 because it gained 9.12% profit and is in fifth place.

The list of top 10 earning coins on masternode that are available on the platform, e.g. MyCointainer , is below:

Top 10 Masternode coins - week 17

Top 10 Masternode coins this week:

  1. Rapids (RPD) + 28.29%
  2. Phore (PHR) + 21.43%
  3. Wagerr (WGR) + 17.03%
  4. Divi (DIVI) + 15.20%
  5. Crown (CRW) + 9.12%
  6. PivX (PIVX) + 7.61%
  7. KYDCoin (KYDC) + 5.79%
  8. ExclusiveCoin (EXCL) + 5.24%
  9. Stratis (STRAT) + 3.91%
  10. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 1.57%

Five coins that were out of the top ten are:  LUXCoin , Blocknet , Social Send , DeviantCoin and ColossusXT .


The best results of Masternodes week 17 period from April 22 to April 29


This week (April 22 to April 29), the Masternodes statistics page shows a simple increase from 121% to 14%. The overall performance of our top 10 masternodes this week is better than last week, when we recorded an increase from 49% to 9%.

This year we have a completely new participant who is on the list of the top 10. Denarius tops the list with a weekly profit of 121%.

ALQO and   e-Sport Betting also achieved good results this week and were able to secure 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. ALQO has gained 36% in the last 7 days, and e-Sport Betting has seen a 35% weekly increase.

Other masternodes on the list of the top 10 this week are , Energi , Divi Project , PIVX , Crown SN, PHORE and SysCoin . has the highest frequency of appearance. Congratulations on keeping them on the top 10 list for 4 weeks in a row. Energi also remains on the list for three weeks in a row, while Crown SN will appear for the second time this week.

The best results of Masternodes week 17 period from April 22 to April 29


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