NEWS: StakeCube Coin, Energi, Divi Project ColossusXT, IOStoken, BlockNet, Klimatas, Sinovate
NEWS: StakeCube Coin, Energi, Divi Project ColossusXT, IOStoken, BlockNet, Klimatas, Sinovate

StakeCube Coin

Want to see how coins StakeCube SCC  have coins to other platforms? Check out the graphic below for more information!




Watch Mount Fuji TV Official and President Energi Ryan Lucchese, who talk about the future Energi in the latest video Fud TV.


Divi Project

Ricecrypto TheCryptoZombie and talk about the future among other coins alto video in this discussion. Watch and find out what's on the radar Rice and why! (hint: DIVI ) ...




COLX was added to ARPHost



In Zurich, Switzerland (known as Crypto Valley) Mr. Fuller with the MME (lawyer, a professor at the University of Lucerne), the Swiss government agency S-GE IOST team PHI and design GUILD PHI discussed the development of the Swiss subsidiary of PHI promoting IOST in Switzerland ...


The latest word in the bulletin BLOCKNET is now available! Check out the latest news Blockneta on the development and marketing. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!


Blog post:



We walked a block 535000

This means that the chain is now patched for Fake Stake Modifier V2. Fair reward for all again now, wondering how to allow cold pole and will soon make available documentation on them!



Interview SINOVATE


SINOVATE now uses an algorithm PoW. Given some of the challenges associated with the block PoW chains, such as high computing requirements, 51% of the attack, scalability and time of the transaction, which differs SINOVATE? In the future it is planned to migrate to Proof-of-Stake? ...

Read the article:


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