BTCSURF report from recent months

Hello surfers, a summary of BTCSURF's operation step by step on 13 pool advertising platforms in recent months.


It should be noted that due to the economic and health crisis caused by COVID-19, when people lost business, purchasing power, investments and jobs, they noticed a significant decrease in profits on all platforms, as well as on affiliates and referrals from their platform are significantly less active and more (as usual) interested in saving on what is coming are not planning to invest now.

Plataforma: Mind Capital

Pool percentage: 11.9%

Summary: This is the strongest and most profitable platform thanks to the commands captured by the pool. However, profits earned by Mind Capital have fallen, this month is on the way to 14% net, lower than in previous months, and they are also specified in USD, so if BTC continues to raise its price in dollars, thus receiving less units per pot Bitcoin .


Platform: Neobux

Pool percentage: 6%

Summary: Performance in the assessment, does not give the expected results and will be evaluated removing it from the pool.


Plataforma: Freebitcoin

Pool percentage: 7.4%

Summary: A case similar to Neobux


Platform: Etoro

Pool percentage: 8.4%

Summary: Reliable, there are good investors on the network who assume constant profits from the trading commission pool.


Platform: Arbistar

Pool percentage: 10.7%

Summary: This platform has for some time been lowering its profitability and charging as a percentage of the profits of their affiliates, because the total profits are significantly reduced ... Since this is one of the main platforms in the pot, it would be a serious blow to the profitability that follow this trend.


Plataforma: Cryptotab

Pool percentage: 5.7%

Summary: Disappointing and unprofitable, big losses in marketing investments made to develop the network on this platform.


Platform: Amazon

Pool percentage: 11.5%

Summary: reliable and cost-effective enough.



Pool percentage: 5.5%

Summary: Despite a good plan, it was very difficult for them to educate their partners to meet the conditions for commission collection, so it is not profitable to continue working with him.


Platform: Coinpayments

Pool percentage: 5.3%

Summary: Just like in Etoro, good buyers and reliable commissions.


Plataforma: Publipaid

Pool percentage: 6%

Summary: he officially stopped paying and caused losses in the pot due to the fact that the investment made in advertising and marketing was not recovered.


Platform: Kuailian

Pool percentage: 10.7%

Summary: its performance slightly improved thanks to the platform's new features, but the rest of the low-risk Kuais decreases with each passing day and, as with Arbistar, this has a negative effect on pot profits.


Plataforma: Binance

Pool percentage: 6%

Summary: Similar to Etoro, good traders and reliable commissions.


Platform: Fiverr

Pool percentage: 5%

Summary: Operation similar to Amazon.


Therefore, given these results in the community pool and in order to continue to operate over time, they are required to remove from the BTCSURF pool :

  • Sacar a Publipaid,, CryptoTab del Pool
  • Exit rating from FreeBitcoin and Neobux.


While other platforms are priced (survey soon), they will only focus on others.

They need to give a lower return in the coming days because you need to reinvest in creating new structures, paths, marketing strategies and other advertising activities, as well as wait for new returns from these efforts.

They are sorry that they have to lower their profitability, but to pay higher profits they must first generate these profits, and if they do not generate enough profitability must be reduced.


It is important to understand the operation of Pula, remind you of the FAQ section on the generated daily profitability, after all depends on the following factors ...

What determines your daily profitability?

BTCSURF does not mean returns from the pool, they depend on the invoicing of active platforms in the wallet. Returns vary depending on the following factors:

  • New registrations on the platform and referral activity that day.
  • The number of people not viewing ads (inactive people) that day on the platform.
  • Total number of investments and total amount of investments (especially in companies that pay via CPA or PURCHASE / INVESTMENT)
  • Profitability of platforms that have daily profits that depend on the rest of the network for this benefit.
  • Unprofitable or bankrupt platforms would be a new investment and planning. It is important to know that from adding a platform to the pool, until they get a residual profit, it may take 30 to 45 days, because before you start using this platform they need to configure all sales paths and plan the strategy in accordance with time .

They have to announce an extraordinary restructuring of the pool, because what is generated today for the total number of investors in the pool, pays 3 to 4% per month, which is not bad for those who are already in profits or have regained their investments, but not for those who have just invested.

So they decided with the maxim that nobody loses money while in the pool, as follows:

  • Investors who have already made a profit or regained an investment will stop receiving profits from the pot.
  • Investors who have not yet recovered their investment will continue to earn daily until they regain their original investment.

It is strived for the newest investors to recover their investments as soon as possible.

They would like them to be able to reverse the situation, but they judged it well and the numbers are not revealed, so they decided to take this measure now, because they are still able to make sure that no one will lose their investment in the Advertising Pool.

Important: They need a 2-3 day truce in Pula with daily profitability of references to complete the payment of pending withdrawals and implement at the technical and platform level the measures described, so that, from a maximum of 1 day in May, carry out this extraordinary restructuring within the Community Pool, and people, which have not yet regained their initial investment, will receive daily returns from this date.

Of course, the remaining sections of BTCSURF, which are independent, are not affected by this situation and will continue to function normally on the day when all Pool users recover their investments, the Pool will be closed permanently and the Exchange will be based on a different parameter to provide its own Results.

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