3 cryptocurrencies better than Bitcoin in 2020

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 24 Feb 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, the digital currency market charts have been colored green. As you can guess, investors focus mainly on the oldest cryptocurrency and key altcoins. a growing group, however, are beginning to pay attention also to coins with significantly lower capitalization. Last week, ICX, AION and WAN recorded the highest increases

Top 3 best ever unknown digital currencies.

Item number one belongs to ICON (ICX)

ICON (ICX) is one of the digital currencies with significantly lower capitalization. Despite this, it has led the way in recent weeks, breaking the two-year downward trend. Last week its exchange rate increased by 178%. and from $ 0.174 (USD) to $ 0.483 (USD). This is the best result among the 200 largest digital currencies currently on the digital asset market.
ICON (ICX) is a leader in growth achieved in the last 24 hours. the upward trend is 44% for this cryptocurrency. That is why ICON ranked 33 among the largest projects according to the ranking prepared by CoinMarketCap.

ICON (ICX) - a few words about it

ICON (ICX) is a partially decentralized, multi-functional platform based on blockchain technology. Its main task is to build the largest decentralized network with a global reach. it is intended to consist of smaller blockchains, which is intended to allow communication between them while maintaining a high level of scalability.
ICON (ICX) is also called Korean Ethereum and has its own native ICX cryptocurrency. its peak is two years ago, during the culmination of the altcoin speculative bubble. Its price at that time was $ 12.64 (USD).

Item number two belongs to Aion (AION)

Aion (AION) also continues its appreciation. He achieved a 64% increase last week. As a result, it was included in the list of 100 largest digital currencies on the market. At present, it holds an honorable 97 place.
currently, the AION price reaches 0.125 USD (USD). We remind you that last week its exchange rate was 0.076 dollar (USD). In other words, this is the second best result, apart from KickToken (KICK), which was omitted by its exceptional low volume.

Aion (AION) - a few words about it

Aion is a project whose task is to deliver solutions that will help develop blockchain technology. This is to concern areas related to economic scalability, security and functionality. Like many other digital currencies, Aion was initially available as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. However, ultimately its operation will be based on its own blockchain.

Position number three belongs to Wanchain (WAN)

Wanchain (WAN), the digital currency that has been climbing dynamically since the beginning of 2020, came third. Last week it recorded a 58% increase. At the moment, WAN costs $ 0.306 USD. while last week its price was 0.194 dollar (USD).
If WAN maintains this trend, it should soon be included in the list of 100 largest in terms of capitalization of digital currencies. At the moment, it takes 115th place.

Wanchain (WAN) - a few words about it Wanchain's main task is to build the financial market by combining separate digital assets. It is part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which is currently the largest blockchain association on a global scale. the purpose of the said grouping is precisely to create a platform that guarantees the delivery of solutions in the real needs of the modern digital market.

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