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The Inzura token mechanism explains the process involved in the Inzura ecosystem. The mechanism is a circuit of the path where it starts with the user and ends with the user. The system is triggered when the user claims the premium. The necessary is undertaken and sent to the verification team, where they verify all the resource available and cross verify each data available. If the claim is found to be not legit or suspicious of any fraudulent activity, then the system rejects the claim and sends the token back to the user's wallet with a penal guilty. If the claim is legit and all resource is confirmed, then the claim will be approved and transferred to the sanctioning team. All necessary process will be done and the protocol settles the claimant to the user.


Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks. INZURA is built on Ethereum smart contract which is one of the best platforms for the smart contract in the cryptocurrency market. INZURA is an ERC20 token that runs on Ethereum blockchain. INZURA is the world's first crypto insurance where you can claim your loss of cryptocurrencies with INZURA token. With the best protocol implemented, INZURA made it possible to give the best in class protection for your cryptocurrencies. With a successful protocol and strategy of INZURA, there is a potential benefit to welcome new users without fear of losing their valuable hard earned money


  • Fake News
  • Pump and Dumps
  • Price Manipulation
  • Scam and Hacks

Scamming and hacking most often happen in this crypto space and there is certain restriction to prevent scam and hacking, but there is no solution to stolen or lost cryptocurrencies. INZURA is here for the solution to these problems in crypto space.



The main motive of Inzura is to protect the user's asset and to build the new users to the crypto market. The goal of Inzura is to raise the market capitalization to trillions, that can be achieved just when a minimum of 10% of the world's population starts using cryptocurrency. How do the new users come into the crypto market, it is when they have no fear of losing the crypto asset and when institutional money gets into the crypto market. Inzura gives hope of asset coverage and builds the trust that their money will not be lost forever.



Inzura gives the crypto market the potential to welcome new users and institutional members. Since Inzura protects the most valuable crypto asset, more and more new users will start to use cryptocurrency without fear of losing their crypto asset. Inzura premium is designed in such a way that user's benefit is the primary task and to serve best in class and protect their asset.

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