By Matthew Nyor | CryptoMighty | 12 Jun 2019

351665157-bd6a40b4b2c4573f4ddf9f73446d92588a1f6c432e00c805fe10c1fb73834231.jpegThe world is all about branding and marketing, we all want to live in a society where we can discover our full potentials, create something good and keep growing each day. They are currently fighting currency and now internet war again. Okey people here‚Äôs what i think about the China vs USA 5G war, the 5g network is so fast that it can download a whole movie in 3.5 seconds, it will connect the whole world together in seconds ,this is gonna change the world for real. The 5G network is a Chinese project produced by Huawei which means if the Chinese controls it then they can access what ever it is you are doing at anytime, now do we really trust the Chinese on that case? The US(trump) claims they also have 5G but after comparison they are far behind on the 5G thing. Now its just like comparing a trycycle to a 1000cc bmw bike but labeling the trycycle honda with 1000cc when its actually just 150ccūü§£.
Trump is trying hard not to lose, he says it will be a threat to their privacy and they should have the 5G, do we trust the USA on that case? 
It clearly looks like China will win the the 5G war so trump doesn’t want Huawei no more.
What do you think about this guys? Absolutely the Huawei 5G network is outstanding but do you see it as a threat like trump claims?

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Matthew Nyor
Matthew Nyor

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