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The European Union massive adoption of crypto is about to explode

By Goodcrypto | CryptoMeditations | 3 Oct 2021

2022 will be the year of adoption and normalisation of cryptocurrencies. And here's why:

  • The euro currency has find in the consensus its success: in the past, a single and relatively small country could issue more money supply by printing their own money. But now, it's happening and inflation rate is near 4% and it is near its ATH.
  • Sovereign debt in some countries is above 100% of their GDP. The pandemic has obliged to increase the debt. The only ways to fix are spending less on the citizens (wich is unacceptable at this moment in EU politics) or breaking the consensus of Euro stability.
  • The third way is augmenting taxes in the area of the world with highest rates. Taxes are unpopular in Europe specially if the States does not provide new services. 

The three points, combined, will rise skepticism in the Euro area. Given the following points the European citizens will start to use blockchain for storing value:

  • The usage is as per today, minimum. 
  • The Europeans has access to the technology and a good understanding of how economy and markets works.
  • They are wealthy and already have a historical resistance against unilateral States privacy and property violations.

Thus, the perfect cocktail is about to happen in the EU. When the citizens are aware of the benefits of using crypto versus the relying in the ECB, the massive change with millions of well informed and wealthy new users could reshape the blockchain markets.

The question is, what blockchain would Europeans chose? I read you in the comments. 

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