Leofinance a long term (VERY) good investment

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 7 Sep 2020

A month ago i posted about my thoughts refocusing on my main Hive account instead of leo to reach dolphinhood as soon as possible (i mean using the generated hive for power up and not to buy leo), i guess i have to refocus again to a more realistic target for now, the 2K HP. As i said my leo account is strong enough (i wish it would be stronger) and by looking the stats on @steem.leo Post it contributes 56.82% of my total rewards!
So by focusing on my Hive's account growth doesn't mean that i will stop posting or limit my activity on Leofinance, instead through leofinance i managed to increase both my account powers (85% to 90% of my total post are leo posts), in other words leofinance it was, it is and it will be my vehicle to reach my hive targets! I'm very glad that back then (big thanks to @trumpman) i choose to invest money and time to "steemleo".

Now lets look some numbers, i have to mention that in August the vehicle was on "pits" because of my summer vacations so the 0.86% increase on my author rewards is logical, it went up from 83.89 HIVE to 84.61 HIVE. In the other hand, my curation rewards met a significant increase by 12.02% and from 10.65 HIVE went to 11.93 HIVE!! No big changes but it's very important that on an idle month i keep my pace and fulfilled a target (improve the curation APR).



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