Hive Engine Gems

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 9 Dec 2020

A couple days ago added some Hive Engine index tokens on my portfolio, a token that basically backed from a selection of top performing HE tokens (guess what, Leo included) that recently released.

INDEX is 100% backed by the tokens it represents. That means if the token represents 1000 LEO tokens, it will hold 1000 LEO tokens!We regularly review all the top performing tokens within Hive-Engine and select the top tokens to represent the token. This is based on volume averages over the history of each token for a set time.

LBI is also a token that i want to add on my portfolio, tomorrow is the day and about 600 leo it's gonna be LBIed.
Those two along with Leo (that i hodl a significant amount) are my main focus on HE tokens, i also like Archon that I'm trying to increase my stake slowly and Bro that is quite expensive for my pocket right now. I will not add on that list various tokens like sim or starbits because i mainly sell them the time i earn them for Hive.

Do you have a secret gem that you believe will shine in the future?

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