What Coins to watch out for in 2020

By Pletz_kc | cryptomania & Life | 26 Nov 2019


Firstly I am not a financial advisor and these are merely my thoughts as a Crypto enthusiast – no more no less.

I have managed to claim a bit of Bitcoin from various faucets over the last couple of months and am now ready to make a few investments to maximise my returns. As I got these Satoshi’s for free – I’m basically risk free as I am not spending my hard-earned fiat currency – in saying that obviously it was time spent and some surveys etc was laborious.  My favourite and best faucets being:  

Alllcoins https://allcoins.pw/?ref=64345

Cointiply http://cointiply.com/r/84VQM

Bitfun http://bitfun.co/?ref=6CF0FB02F1CD

 Moonbitcoin http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=e649b39a036b

Moonlitecoin, http://moonliteco.in/?ref=e08e55bae37b

 Moondash, http://moondash.co.in/?ref=CDC71E88E3F3

 Moonbitcoin.cash http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=0BA8260E2219


I have also made a good bit of crypto from coinbase  -follow their easy KYC process – once done you can earn $60 +in free crypto Stellar, Dai, BAT and more! much easier and quicker than any facuet




I read the following article in 2019 and to be honest I tried to follow these tips and in fairness most of these were positive save for Skycoin that seemed to fall off the radar completely – I bought a little bit of Vecahin  and  Enjin coin and those were spot on   https://www.quora.com/What-would-be-the-top-10-cryptocurrency-in-2019

Having done some reading up the following coins are being touted as the good investments for 2020:

  1. BitTorrent  (BTT) Due to its popularity and extensive use and being the most popular torrent and sharing platform in the world - coupling with the TRON Network it’s a sure bet and was one of the few coins to go straight the top 100. Coupled with the fact that you get these free if you hold TRON – it’s a no brainer on Allcoins you can claim 1 BTT every 5 min !- stock up you wont be sorry.
  2. Basic Attention Token (BAT) there are numerous articles on PublishOx on this token – the versatility and high uptake of the Brave browser and the earning of BAT for browing ads will no doubt increase its popularity and increase the value of the Token
  3. Theta (THETA) & Enjin (ENJ) both these coins are used in the gaming industry – an industry that has far surpassed music and movie industry in value. Gamers are big spenders and any coin / token associated with the industry can only grow in strength
  4. Binance Coin (BNB) When I first ventured out in Crypto and signed up to Binance exchange – this coin was trading around the $5 mark – I wish I had invsted or converted some of my smaller balances to this – it has been climbing steadily and is predicted to reach up top $73 in the near future.
  5. Tezos (XTS) This is one of the Coins recently added to the Coinbase earn crypto sphere – and if Coinbase is taking note – then any wise investor should too. On https://walletinvestor.com/forecast/tezos-prediction  its being classed as an awesome investment with growth potential of up to  449%

Obviously the old reliable’s are still god investmetns too XRP ETH BTC etc. but I think the above 5 coins are set for good growth in 2020

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please let me hear your predictions.

adios - buena suerte

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