YLA Boost Rewards Guide

By PowerLul | CryptoLul | 22 Apr 2021

As the PowerPool team changed the Boost program, it's time to update my guide and add more information.

In this guide you will learn how to get YLA, why it always grows, and how to earn near 100% APY with Stablecoins.

What is YLA?

The Yearn Lazy APE index is composed of the v1 Yearn Vaults' LP, and it serves as a perfect single entry/exit point into the ecosystem of Yearn v1 

Why YLA can only grow

That is the beauty of this pool. It's based on 5 yEarn pools, which in turn are based on stablecoins.

yearn Curve.fi cDAI/cUSDC
yearn Curve.fi DAI/USDC/USDT (y3Crv)
yearn Curve.fi GUSD/3Crv (yvgusd3CRV)
yearn Curve.fi yDAI/yUSDC/yUSDT/yTUSD
yearn Curve.fi yDAI/yUSDC/yUSDT/yBUSD

Stablecoins are called stable because they don't lose value, but pools provide steady cash flow at a 30% APY rate collected back inside the pool.


Let's see an example. For simplicity's sake, we will assume that we had 1 million dollars TVL and 1 million total supply of YLA or TTS (Total number of coins) at day one.

1 YLA = $1 million TVL / 1 million TTS = $1

As underlying yEarn vaults generate roughly 30% APY and accumulate it inside the pool, the value of assets inside the pool grows. 

If we consider the same pool one year later and assume that the total supply of YLA stayed constant (no new assets were supplied, and no new tokens were minted), we have: 

NAV or TVL = Net assets value inside the pool = $1,000,000 + 30% (1 year of APY) = $1,300,000


1 YLA = $1,300,000 TVL / 1,000,000 TTS = $1,3 


CVP Boost at 70% APY


Now, PowerPool redesigned boost program, and now you can simply stake your YLA & CVP to earn it. These tokens are not providing liquidity, so there is NO IL (Impermanent Loss) at all.

A step-by-Step guide to get CVP boost 👇


First of all, you need some YLA. There are two options to obtain it:


1) Buy from SushiSwap (Fast method, bigger fees)

2) Use ZAP to mint it with USDC 

Zap is a very efficient method, pooling several transactions into one, saving up to 97% on Gas Fees. Imagine such a complex transaction for $15-$20, on Ethereum!


To use ZAP 👇

1) https://powerindex.io/#/mainnet/0x9ba60ba98413a60db4c651d4afe5c937bbd8044b/supply


2) Approve or Infinity approve. It will permit our smart contract to interact with your tokens. 

2) Press Supply

3) You get your $YLA every 24 hours, or every 500k of USDC is aggregated in the ZAP




You need to stake YLA & CVP in PowerIndex smart contract here 👇 and press Deposit


To earn boosted rewards, you need to stake:

Minimum: 0.014 CVP per 1 YLA
Maximum: 0.14 CVP per 1 YLA

You can follow the hint in our UI 👇


To finish your staking:

1) Approve or Infinity Approve both YLA & CVP tokens.

2) Press Confirm & Sign your transaction.



Enjoy your profits and follow me on Twitter.









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