Sick of being spied on and having your information sold? Enter BRAVE.
Brave Browser
Sick of being spied on and having your information sold? Enter BRAVE.

By Ghengis | CryptoLowDown | 21 Jan 2020

Be Brave!  No-one else will go to BAT for you!

BAT Crypto Token

The Brave Browser and the BAT token are the brainchild of Brendan Eich, the creator of of the programming language Javascript and co-founder of the Mozilla browser.   

Why should you use Brave?  Personally, I've used Google's chrome for years and quite liked it.  What I don't like is Google tracking my every move and selling my personal information to it's advertisers.  I don't like being bombarded with ads after doing a google search.

But, I hear you say, this Brave/BAT thing has Advertisers and Publishers in the picture you posted above!

Yes it does.  Brave, powered by the BAT Crypto token, is disrupting the way internet advertising is done.  Advertisers pay for targeted ads, just like traditional internet advertising.  However, an algorithm tracks how much attention you paid to a particular advertisement and assigns an attention value to the user and then directs targeted ads to your browser - without anyone knowing who you are.  By utilising machine learning, the browser can decide what are the most relevant ads for you.  

It's a great solution for users, advertisers and the company.  The advertisers get the targeted advertising they want and the user can actually benefit from the revenue stream - if you watch the ads (and they are presented to you and you can choose whether or not you want to watch them) then you earn a significant portion of the revenue - 70% in fact!   This is an opt in/opt out feature.  If you just want the benefit of anonymous secure browsing and don't want to earn crypto by watching ads, you simply opt out.  If you change your mind later, you can opt back in.

  • Private ads do not collect information about you
  • No browsing activity ever leaves your device
  • Private ads do not interrupt your browsing experience
  • Earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) for every ad viewed
  • You're in control - choose to see between 1 and 5 ads an hour and you choose when to watch them

There are a few bugs in the system, but they will get worked out.  Global acceptance will also drive development - for example, I live in Vietnam.  Brave has only 1 ad in Vietnam!  So, the chances of me seeing that ad are between -1 and 0 !

If you follow the links below (Just click on the image), I will get a small amount of Bat if you download and use Brave.  I also receive a small amount of Crypto if you sign up for Publish0X.

   Brave Browser



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