The price of aether vs. wax


By LouP77 | NashvilleLou | 8 Apr 2021

As always, remember: Never invest money you can't afford to lose. 
Do your own research. Buy my NFTs

Hopefully some of you who read my March 30, 2021 column kept in mind what I wrote about not selling aether, the in-game currency in R-Planet.

Here we are eight days later, and the price of aether has more than quintupled in the interim. The abundant tier NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in Alien Worlds I recommended buying at .06 wax now start at .15 in the Atomic Asset Marketplace

Atomic Hub listing of Alien Worlds, 4/7/2021
This is all happening much faster than I had anticipated. 

Right now, Kenneth Bosak has an NFT give-away at Kavian 34:13 in Alien Worlds. It's a Rocky Desert lot with an 8% landowner take, very reasonable considering the freebies. 

Land ownership is very tempting, but the price tag is steep. Plus I'd want a specific type of land, like a Mushroom Forest or an Inland River.

And that's not going to come inexpensively in all likelihood. Especially now. 

What I'd need to determine before I'd consider buying is how the process works to get NFTs approved for staking, be it in R-Planet or something comparable. 

Staking in R-Planet, 4/7/2021
Nashville is my hometown, and I have some friends with great musical or other artistic skills who live here in middle Tennessee. But I need a better answer to "So what would I do with an NFT?" than what I have now. 

That's the hook. Functionality. 

I landed the wallet name nashvillelou (thanks to CryptoStache) so I'm in position to do something if the opportunity avails itself. 

Some might look and see NFTs. I look and see music distribution from up-and-coming new artists. 

And we've only scratched the surface with all of this. The best is yet to come. 

Fire Pro NFT

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