R-Planet Staking Strategy and Kolobok
Staking Kolobok NFTs in R-Planet

R-Planet Staking Strategy and Kolobok

By LouP77 | NashvilleLou | 30 Mar 2021

As always, remember: Never invest money you can't afford to lose.

Part of the challenge of overcoming the NFT (non-fungible token) learning curve is existential. What is the purpose?

For some people, mere ownership of cool/unique/meaningful NFTs is enough of a draw.

But for those looking for more, there is the potential to earn NFTs and currency in one game and then stake it into another. That element is what is so compelling to me.

The best example of that process at work right now is in R-Planet. NFTs obtained elsewhere can be staked on R-Planet to earn aether, the in-game currency that can be traded for wax via the Alcor exchange. Though I'd recommend holding off on selling aether right now as it's a flooded market.

If anything, I'm contemplating converting wax into aether to fast-track some R-Planet NFT production. Might make for an interesting column regardless of the outcome if I do that.

For newcomers to the crypto-gaming world, your best bet is to begin in Alien Worlds. The NFT drops may be slow at first, but over time you'll accumulate Alien Worlds NFTs that can be staked in R-Planet.

This nice surprise showed up in my inventory late last night.

Rare Processing Ring in Alien Worlds
NFT drops are often Abundant tier rarity, but sometimes you catch a break.

Until very recently, I believed the best bargain in blockchain gaming was spending 0.06 wax or lower per card for Abundant rarity AW cards in the Atomic Assets Marketplace. They earn you 0.3 aether per hour per unit.

And it's perhaps still the best for beginners, though as of late finding 0.06 sharp or lower prices has been a more difficult task. Some of you took my suggestion from last time to heart, to the point where the market changed.

If it was a coincidence, the timing was uncanny.

Atomic Assets Marketplace 3/30/2021
Yet I'm happy about it as my primary goal with crypto-gaming is to learn and inform others, not try to hoard it all for myself.

If you're willing to spend a bit of wax and operate outside the AtomicHub world, there are better aether/hour deals in a rather improbable place: the listing of Rare tier Kolobok NFTs at simplemarket.io.

The price has adjusted somewhat in the past day, but even now you can still earn a better return on Rare Kolobok NFTs if you can find a listing below .30 wax than you would on an Uncommon with a low of .15 wax.

Kolobok NFTs Staked in R-Planet
Common: 0.8 ae/hr (0.15 wax low today)
Uncommon: 1.6 ae/hr (0.15 wax low today)
Rare: 3.2 ae/hr (0.28 wax low 3/29 10:18a CDT)
Epic: 4.8 ae/hr (0.54 wax low today)

Rare stands out because the R-Planet staking ae/hr goes from doubling for UC to Rare tier to only a 50% increase for Rare to Epic tier.

If you ever wonder what a given NFT might generate by being staked in R-Planet, you can find out before you buy at this link:


R-Planet staking calculator
My anticipation is that we'll see a new wave of promotional NFT giveaways within Alien Worlds for April 2021. It's a rather brilliant system, allowing landowners to market their blockchain-based freebies directly to potential new customers while also earning a return from mining.

I earned several NFTs from the March 2021 Cryptids giveaway. You give up more of the cut from mining this way versus hunting for the smallest land owner take on a given property type, but at least this month the trade-off was well worth it for me.

How to Stake NFTs in R-Planet (The Part Time Economist)

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