#BestDApp Competition: 9 Dapps I Have Tested, With Ranking, #1 Goes To...

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 21 Dec 2019

This article wants to be a part of the BestDapp competition.


If there is something certain about the internet, is that change is inevitable. That is why it is always convenient to be on the cutting edge of technology. This is specially true today, in which failure to adopt the latest technologies could signify the destruction of your online presence.

This is why I want to share with you 9 Dapps that I have personally used, along with my comments. Dapp #1 is the best Dapp I have tested, and Dapp #9 would be the less likable dapp among my favorites.

So, without further ado, let's start:


#9 Bounty0x

Website: https://bounty0x.io/

Price of Token:


I had such great expectations about this platform, everything looked so great. The idea to just tweet something related with cryptoland and get an economic reward seemed fascinating.

My excitement only grew when I saw the bounties posted, in which sizable amounts of money were up for grabs. It was the equivalent of going to a mexican party and seeing a piñata being obliterated but, instead of candy, noticing that the piñata was full of cryptocurrencies.

All of this expectation and anticipation was greatly diminished once the following happened:


  • I tried (I kid you not) to become a functional Bounty0x member for almost 1 month. The sign up process was fast (5 to 10 minutes) but, in order to qualify for bounties I would have to do an encrypted version of KYC with Bloom. And the KYC process didn't worked,... for an entire month. Back and forth emails with Bounty0x and Bloom, re-doing the process both on the app and on a PC, till it finally I was accepted. However....
  • Once I was approved as a fully functional Bounty0x citizen, I noticed that almost no bounties were posted. This situation might change in the future, but last time I checked, bounties were not that diverse. It gave me the impression that the platform was being abandoned by the community.


So, for those hiccups/problems is that Bounty0x is the last on my personal list of Top-Nine-Dapps. 


#8 Presearch


Website: https://presearch.org

Coin Price:


Presearch is such a nice idea, since it is basically the blockchain version of Google (imagine that level of potential growth). Presearch allows you to earn Presearch tokens for each search you perform. You can do that by installing an extension on Google Chrome or any other browser that has the core components of the chrome software, such as Brave Browser.

Here is a little explainer video about this search engine:

Some nice features of this platform are:

  • They want to index websites via the searches of users, so that they can do so without being banned by webmasters, which is something that happens usually when google or similar companies index websites via software.
  • They also have a Youtube channel that provides the added value of reviewing the privacy practices of some big companies, like in the case of ESPN.

  • Another interesting feature is the ability to buy ads on the presearch platform, which is one of the features I am personally looking forward to using.

So, this project is very neat and is quite high in my priority list, however, the reason why it's not higher on this list is because the process to earn the token is actually not that satisfying. I have been using the platform for every search for the equivalent of two months of searches, and I haven't gotten any crypto withdrawal. If the cryptonomics were more satisfying I would rank this project higher.

If you want to test this platform, you can use my referral link, I do get some kickback if you use it for 6o days: https://presearch.org/signup?rid=1462942


#7 Steemit

Website: https://steemit.com/

Coin Price:


Steemit is (to me, at least) like public transportation. It's not great, it's not that bad (at least were I live) and for all intents and purposes, it is something you have to tolerate since you benefit from it.

Since my first encounters with steemit, I had perceived that the user interface is clunky, sometimes buggy, and sometimes un-intuitive. For instance, when you create an account, your profile picture is a white circle, which is not that bad, unless for the fact that the color is not distinguised from the white banner of the menu, and thus, you are unable to know intuitively (the first time) where your profile icon is, since it essentially becomes invisible, and therefore, I ended up wasting several minutes in trying to figure out such a basic funcionality. In this case the developers could have avoided this by putting a circle of black pixels around the white default profile picture for newbies. But no, that hasn't yet been implemented.

Also, another time a certain strange bug didn't allow me to send my coins to another wallet under my control, which was certainly frustrating.

Finally, the whole system of having like 27 passwords for different things is similar to the clunky fiat-bank apps which (at least in my country) ask you for your password, sometimes your token and sometimes also a pin for doing fiat-transfers. Between you and I, I have never understood the 3818 password/active key/publisher key on steemit, yeap, not even after watching tutorials and full blown courses on Udemy.

Also, I do not understand the system of separating your wallet with a different login from your regular account. I assume all of those doors and multi passwords make it more secure, but also I know that bitcoin is the most secure crypto network (never been hacked) and you only have one password. Why steemit had to re-invent the wheel in this case? Is beyond me.

Oh steemit, I do want to use you, but you are such a high maintenance user-interface.


#6 StellarX

Website: https://www.stellarx.com/

Coin Price:


I had such high hopes for stellarx. In fact, on another article, I openly shared that I didn't understand why a free to use exchange of cryptocurrencies which is supported by a blockchain is not obliterating Coinbase and Binance.

Well,... Now I know.

What happens is that the stellarx interface is not that great. The interface is a little bit clunky and the onboarding process is not well designed. For instance, you have two big buttons in the upper right corner of the stellarx dashboard. One says deposit and the second says withdraw. When doing a deposit you get some simple instructions on how to do a crypto-to-crypto transaction and it gives you the estimate it should take for your money to arrive.

Well, after completing that process myself, I realized later (one day later) that to trade one new cryptocurrency (different from stellar lumens) you have to first set up a trustline, which is like a connection between you and the other person who would give you the currency, but if you didn't have a trustline, it will be created for you,... and your money (that you expected to transfer) will be used for setting up the trustline. This is stated in the onboarding process, but it says something along the lines of "if you don't have a trustline, we would set up one for you" which gives the impression that the entire thing will work out in your favor, which is not at all the case.

In my case I lost about 6 USD (that I was expecting to get from one wallet on coinbase to my wallet on stellarx) which is similar to say that I had the experience of grabbing one coin from one pocket to put it into my other pocket, and being "pocketed" that amount in the process. Not cool.

And this is were things get murky with the interface. In the deposit flow it should have a big, red, bolded message, that says something like this:


"Attention, before depositing any amount, you should set up a trustline, after that, you could send money to your wallet, but keep in mind that you are moving cryptocurrencies with people and entities that are not necesarilly affiliated with stellarx, so trade at your own risk and sole discretion."


If you would see such a banner, you would realize that stellarx is less similar to Coinbase and more similar to LocalBitcoins. You get in contact with people, some honest, some shady, and you do the transactions at your own risk.

Well anyway, once I realized my mistake I sent an email to the third-party involved in my transfer and got zero response. 

You might wonder why I put stellar on this list at all, and the response is that, even though it's not the greatest coinbase-killer I thought it will be, I still value the fact that the whole interface and software is open source, and thus, people can create better interfaces and systems to compete against stellarx but with the same fundamentals. Meaning, the current system is not great, but there is hope for improvement. 


#5 Busy

Website: https://busy.org/

Coin Price:

Right on number 5 is Busy. This platform is well and nice, but I didn't put it higher since it's basically just a user interface of the steem blockchain. Which is good (I guess) but not that great. I thought it was a different social media platform that happened to use steem as a token. But instead is just a mirror of the steemit blockchain with a modern interface.

The very existence of platforms like Busy is a powerful confirmation of my view on steemit, which is a clunky and buggy interface, so much so that there are entire teams of developers with enough interest in the platform but who simultaneously dislike the implementation on steemit.com, that they are willing to build another user interface from scratch.


#4 D.Tube

Website: https://d.tube/

Coin Price:

Simple use case. Defeating YouTube with the help of the blockchain. So far so good. Cons?


  • Clunky interface
  • Multiple passwords that are confusing
  • Sometimes upload system doesn't work (happened to me several times)


So far it's one of the best blockchain-based video platforms, so that's why it's here. Since Bitchute, according to some criticism, is not descentralized.


#3 Steempeak

Website: https://steempeak.com/

Coin Price:

This is my favorite version of the steemit blockchain. It is pleasant to use, and has a fairly straightforward menu. And somehow one time it allowed me to withdraw my funds even though in the main steemit.com website I couldn't do it. On top of all of that it has the option to schedule posts, so overall it's very useful.


#2 Everipedia

Website: https://everipedia.org/

Coin Price: $0.001306 USD


Everipedia is second place. It is basically competing against wikipedia, which has been for almost two decades the undisputed king of encyclopedic knowledge, however, two big drawbacks from Wikipedia are its heavily leftist leanings, and its guidelines on notoriety. In which you basically had to be referenced by legacy mainstream media (such as CNN, or the New York Times) in order to gain your place on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia also has the disadvantage of expecting you to work for free and also to battle with a clunky system to make edits. I know that for a fact since I have tried, unsuccesfully to become a wiki-editor at least 3 times.

In the case of Everipedia, things are very, very different:

  • You get rewarded via IQ tokens (a token on the EOS blockchain)
  • You get a blog-type interface that is easy to use for editions.
  • The notability guidelines are way more flexible, for instance you can reference youtube videos, magazines, blogs, etc
  • The scope of what can be included is way broader. You can do an entry on your own life (as long as some third party has written about you at some point), you can write an entry about your own company, etc.
  • They have a chat box in which a human being (from what I coul tell) communicates with you and solves issues in real-time, which really, really helped a lot.

You can check more in detail their guidelines here

However, there is also cons about Everipedia:


  • When using the platform, I was unable to do edits due to an unknown error.
  • The broad guidelines could be abused.


I leave you with a quote about the Everipedia project:


Like most industries, there is usually one glaring issue, and concern that customers, or people that work specifically with a business or organization experience.

For example, with Wikipedia, around a thousand articles get deleted every week. And yet, even with its relatively small number of pages, Alexa deems Wikipedia the 7th-largest site in the world. So instead, with Everipedia, you can make an article about anything or anyone, and the format is simple enough that you can add information from your phone.

Similarly, Wikipedia has no social element to their pages, versus Everipedia has implemented social features that allow, for example, celebrities to share and interact with fans.

Thirdly, contributing to Wikipedia doesn't attach any goal or purpose, versus Everipedia takes the IQ points for contributing to Everipedia, and the plan is for IQ to someday be interchangeable for equity in the site. Contributors who put up a lot of college-related pages can be appointed "Campus Representatives".

Lastly, Everipedia's philosophical difference from Wikipedia of taking citations from anywhere bring a unique feel to the Everipedia. For Moghadam, these are the immediate problems, and need for a viable solution.

When Moghadam started using Wikipedia, he learned very quickly that the people that use Wikipedia are very peculiar: most of the dedicated editors are white, single males. Similarly, he began to reach out to other peers that tried using Wikipedia to learn more about what success and failures they had with the product.

To get heavily involved in Wikipedia, you need to know "wiki markup" which is kind of like a coding language. This results in a lot of consistent, often bigoted biases in the content Wikipedia deems notable. There aren't many dedicated contributors to Wikipedia, so a small group is in control. It's hard for "outsiders" to get involved, especially because the site is difficult to use.

Source: https://www.inc.com/chirag-kulkarni/the-dna-of-disruption-how-to-disrupt-an-industry-in-3-steps.html


Alright, now that we have come this far, let me present you the number 1 dapp in my personal opinion (Drumroll please!).



Website: https://lbry.com/

Coin Price:


LBRY is an impressive platform with a very cordial community, but, instead of boring you with all the details, let me tell you in a rapid-fire format, why it's so awesome of a platform to promote the truth and fight censorship:


  • I was able to upload almost an entire youtube channel (1000 videos), in a semi-automatic way via it's software, this included descriptions and thumbnails in order. Goodbye manual re-uploading.
  • I received a tip from someone at lbry on twitter, just for sharing one of my videos and tagging them.
  • I got around 8 USD for uploading the aforementioned 1k videos. (Yeap, they reward you to switch from Youtube to their platform)
  • I received tips the first day I uploaded a video.
  • I am able to watch videos in a rather similar way than with Youtube.
  • They also have a very interesting system for naming property over the internet: https://lbry.com/faq/naming
  • They also have an interesting system for giving tips, which is used to make content more visible, which is really ingenious: https://lbry.com/faq/tipping



LBRY is a very good platform. And I will be using it going forward. It does the job in my quest to preserve the ability to share the truth in different topics. Which is the worst consequence of laws such as COPPA and its application in Youtube on January 1, 2020, as well as the new terms of service of Youtube. Supressing truth and beauty, just because it exposes the leftist propaganda is tragic, and we definitely need to fight that trend. I believe that with this tool (LBRY) its easier to do that.

Note: I support the idea of spreading truth and beauty, if you use this information to spread lies and ugliness, that's your choice (and it's a terrible choice by the way).



I want to include here, some additional information to become more familiar with the upcoming censorhip tsunami that is coming in the year 2020.



YouTube New Terms of Service



Note: The fact that I mention a project here doesn't mean that I endorse everything they do or all the implications of the project.


Thank you for reading this article! this blog is still growing and I am very grateful for every reader around here. Make sure to check out my LBRY account, I am uploading videos there (that I might advertise or not around here) If you join via my invitation link you get from 20 to 40 LBC for free. :)


Outro Links:

LBRY (My favorite, I can upload PDF's, audio and video, and is decentralized, follow me there)




My Crypto Clothing Store


Hardware Wallet (Affiliate)


Brave Browser (Affiliate)


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