2 Unknown Techniques to Make $ While You Sleep on Publish0x

2 Unknown Techniques to Make $ While You Sleep on Publish0x

By Brawnd0 | CryptoLetter | 16 Nov 2020

Billie got your attention. Great. 

The birth of Publish0x has given many of us a decent avenue to make decent side income - so long as we remain dedicated and consistent. Just take a look at the total number of tips given in the history of Pub0x to realize that there is a fair amount of income to be gained here. 

It's around $170K given out to users so far. 


Today, I would like to introduce you to two techniques that can help you make you $ while you sleep. 

The first technique is for writers, and the second one is for readers, who don’t feel like writing, yet still want to make more than what the regular tipping has to offer.

Write Your Way To Your Second Income Stream

This technique is primarily what I do myself, and it’s going quite well. However, I need to point out a few things that I’ve picked up to gain some traction from viewers.

Make yourself remembered.

This can be done by being consistent or outstanding in your titles and thumbnails. On top of this, it is easier to be remembered here if you are known for blogging about a specific niche/topic.

There is a wide range of topics that you can talk about here.

Know a lot about mining or staking crypto? Start producing a bunch of mining/staking tutorials and keep the audience updated on your earnings. This is something similar to what I do myself with my DeFi Farmer Experiment

Are you a successful trader? Making some consistent gains through margin trading? Post regular technical analysis and perhaps even provide some trade ideas for your audience. Write tutorials and provide regular updates on the market’s fundamental side, and your audience will grow. An excellent example of someone doing this is CryptoChartWizard91.

Know a lot about DeFi? Are you proficient with keeping up-to-date with the latest DeFi Farming trends and latest DeFi protocols? Start writing specifically about DeFi and gather the views from those interested in DeFI on Publish0x - there seem to be quite a lot of them here! A great example of somebody writing on DeFi is D3F1, who consistently writes in his blog conveniently titled “DeFI Box”.

I believe, however, that d3f1 box can be stripped down to a bunch of laser-focused blogs. DeFi is way bigger than one account can cover. 

There is a ton of place for people willing to write specifically about defi protocols, defi governance, defi liquidity mining opportunities, guides on defi interfaces. 

What's stopping you from becoming a defi loan expert and monetize your blog additionally with sponsored posts from loan platforms. 

Crave out a section of the industry closer to wherever your interest and skillset lie, and you will end up standing out. 

Let's talk about thumbnails. 

Your thumbnail is what catches the eyes of potential viewers and is the first point of contact for your readers. The thumbnail is pretty much part of your personal brand and will quickly help readers to recognize your posts amongst the sea of other articles that are here.

For example, MuyAsk seems to very consistent with his thumbnails by using a simple fancy background with the title and coin logo;


This helps readers instantly recognize his posts - leading to more clicks!

Another example is SkinnerCrypto, who obviously takes time to prepare his thumbnails to stand out;


They’re pretty much art pieces that are interesting and make you question what is going on, leading you to click into the article.

The last example I would like to give is from Felix Brocker, who uses his meme face on every thumbnail - something easily recognizable and quite enjoyable to see; 


This technique is a great way to earn a second stream of income if you have a passion for your niche and can make yourself stand out.

Let us move on to the second technique

Become a Smart Affiliate 

This second technique is for those who don’t have the time (or can’t) to write exciting content.

This technique revolves around becoming an Ambassador of Publish0x through the ambassador program. 

Most of you probably heard about it, but let me show you that one weird trick you can leverage to make decent $ while you sleep. 

A lightbulb popped in my brain when I saw this:

A regular post share on twitter you'd say, right?


That Lucas guy is pretty smart by sharing a post of DrBreakThru. He took a great article and shared it on his wall. 

In no time, it was picked by Bancor itself. Bancor has more than 80K followers!


Here's the interesting part. Lucas has put his own affiliate link into the URL of the article he DID NOT WRITE himself. 

How do I know that? 

Simple. I clicked on the tweet above and saw the final URL.



Lucas pretty much found the article, attached his affiliate link to the URL, and then shared it on Twitter. From here, everyone who reads the article and signs up on Publish0x - Lucas will earn 5% of everyone's tips forever!

And now he got all that Bancor fame! 

Let me quickly show how you can do it too. 

First off, you need to find an article to share and copy the URL. Take this for example;


The next step is to add your affiliate link to the end of the URL string. You can find your unique affiliate link by clicking “Ambassadors Program” in the drop-down menu;


Your affiliate link tag will be provided for you here;


As you can see, my affiliate link tag is “?a=y1aK6rneQG”. Now, all I have to do is take the original URL and add this affiliate link tag to the end of it;


From here, all you need to do it to drop it gently, I repeat, gently on twitter, discord, telegrams or even reddit. I say gently because if you want your share go viral, make sure it stands out. Spamming with tags won't make you a bank. Note that Lucas didn't use any tags, yet Bancor did catch that. 

There are some specific techniques I have noticed to picking the best articles to share and earn from. 

For one, you need always pick good content to share. Don’t just share any random post that you see on Publish0x - this would be a waste of time if nobody finds the article engaging.

One method is to follow quality writers that cover different projects in a good and positive light. Sharing posts that are hating on projects are unlikely to bring in the type of audience that you would want. This is due to the fact that these users are likely just to come and read the article without even bothering to sign up. On the other side, if you share positive posts about projects, it is highly likely that the users that come through your link will sign up to Publish0x and start generating tips for you.

Follow good writers. You will be notified when they post their articles. As soon as they do, you can take the URL, add your affiliate tag, and then share it on Twitter and Telegram to spread the love for that project and, hopefully, start to see some affiliate commission. The sooner you share, the higher chance one of the official teams will pick it up and retweet or repost. 

Or you can check the top tokens tags that you can see in the main menu bar;


Use these tokens and sort them by Popularity;


From here the algorithm did the job for when it comes to selecting HQ content. However, there is a much higher chance no one has shared a post if you find it in the New or News tab.

One last thing I would like to mention about sharing on social media is that you should use proper tagging. For example, if you are Tweeting an article with your affiliate tag, make sure to use the correct hashtags relating to the tokens in the article (#BNT, #ETH, #REP etc.). In addition to this, you can even include an @ to include the Twitter handle of the project it concerns so they can easily see the post.

I know it can be tempting to spam your posts with different tags and emojis. However, this really DOES NOT help at all. People tend to gloss over posts that are heavily spammed with tags and emojis. You need to be professional and subtle about it. In this situation, less is more. Focus on quality rather than quantity and make sure to engage in the conversation that is occurring.

If a project has to retweet your content, imagine you were their head of marking and you'd be very picky about what to put on your project's official wall.  

If this article got you inspired, consider signing up with p0x with my affiliate link [CLICK] :)

Happy money makin'!


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